June 20th, 2012 by Sim Bradley

~ Exclusive Feature ~

Ben and Terry Hannam have been in and around the British wake scene for years. Having grown up behind a boat with their dad, they pursued a dream of always being close to the water throughout their adult lives. Terry is one of the UK’s most successful wakeskaters to date, they have been importing independent board brands like Goodwood and Vampire Boards for years, they own the British wakeskate brand ‘Aesthetic’ and now their latest and biggest project has opened for business.

Hannams Wake Hub is the culmination of three years of countless meetings, planning applications, rejections and stress, but these brothers have always believed in their dreams and refused to give in. This is the story of their determination to live a life on the water and work for themselves, while boosting the sport that they love.

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  1. Jim Says:

    Good work chaps! Well chuffed for you… I’ll give you a visit sometime for sure :)


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