(Editors Note) Robbie has been all over the world this year, most notably in the last month riding on the World Cup series, which led the international teams to China and Malaysia for some of the biggest competitions in the sport. But as with all contests, the opportunity to travel is better than the events themselves, so here is the photo diary of Robbie Rendo’s trip around Asia in September – SB

Back in London after: a 24 hour flight to Malaysia.. Encountered jet lag for a few days .. Walked around the whole city .. Visited a Buddhist Temple for the first time .. Went to a huge mystic cave .. Saw a lot of bats .. Dealt with weird local food .. Met nice kind people .. Got sick .. Spent a day on the beach with all my friends .. Visited a culture village .. Had a good massage .. Rode bad at the contest .. Went to the jungle to see orang-utans .. Saw a huge crocodile .. Danced with the locals .. Took 3 flights to China .. Stayed in an awesome hotel .. Met more nice people.. Didn’t get on facebook or twitter as they are banned .. Went shopping with the girls … Loved the ‘Dolce and Gassana’ bags! .. Had fun with Amber (Wing) trying to cross the street .. I have never seen so many scooters and bikes .. Ate noodles and rice .. Laughed loud trying to speak chinese .. Received many presents .. Experienced authentic chinese food .. Saw the biggest crowd ever at an competition .. Knocked myself out with a big buoy at the contest .. Took a bus to another chinese city .. Watched 10 episodes of ‘Awkward’ on the way .. Rode some demos with other riders .. And had a lot a lot of fun!