If you have some story, some video, photo, or other something interesting that you would like us to consider for the site…let us know. We’re always looking for quality original content to feature on the e-pages of Alliancewake.co.uk

Video submissions: submit@alliancewake.co.uk
If your video is hosted on Vimeo, please just send us the link. If you’d like to submit a video as a potential exclusive feature for the site, please email us before posting it anywhere else online – If it’s already been seen then it’s not exclusive!

Framed submissions: submit@alliancewake.co.uk
Framed is our weekly photo section, similar to the gallery pages within the print magazine. Please send only your best images for consideration, and make sure they are jpegs, 72dpi and no wider than 800 pixels. Should we need a bigger image, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Amateur Hour Submissions: submit@alliancewake.co.uk

If you think you are the next big thing to rival the likes of NickyD and Jonty Green, then send us a link to your video on Vimeo. Please include a short write up about yourself to post with the video.
General submissions: sim@alliancewake.co.uk
For anything else or general questions about how you can get involved at Alliance, go to our CONTACT page and get in touch.