July 15th, 2011 by alliance

What was fronted as a 48 hour cyber attack on the Alliance website, was actually our own self generated capturing machine. You see, every time your content driven addiction propelled you to enter the Alliance URL into your browser, we captured your email address, your computer’s IP address and photos of your girl friend. In short, we’ve obtained hundreds of thousands of different pieces of key information allowing us to do what every media company hopes for; the ability to sell your information to advertisers. That’s right, be prepared to receive mass solicitations from Geritol, Bengay, Depends and Preparation H.

But we can’t take full credit for this caper. We’ve been testing a new team of cyber elite who’s sole mission is to take over the world disguised as the wakeboarding media. With zero fear of being noticed, they’ve asked us to reveal their identities.

It’s only a matter of time…




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