Last summer we ran a contest here on the site where you could win Nick Davies’ entire setup, with products and other stuff from all of his sponsors.

As you can imagine, the response was amazing with a staggering amount of you entering, but in the end Andy Robinson from Reading was the lucky name we picked out of a hat.

Thanks to conflicting schedules and there only being a couple of days when Nick and I were even in the same country, let along England, it took us a lot longer to deliver Andy’s prize than we expected. But finally myself and Nick managed to get together last week to sort out this monstrous prize pack. Unfortunately Nick had to leave for Singapore the next morning (he leads a hard life!) but I met up with Andy on Saturday to test out LDB Wake School’s shiny new Axis A20 boat, and to give Andy all the prizes, which included a signed Hyperlite Process with nova-core, ND signature series wetsuit and crash jacket from Mystic, a pair of Vans shoes, clothes and board shorts from Oakley and Mystic, hats from Hyperlite & Vans, a new Pro-Tec helmet, a case of Monster Energy and more sticker than he will no what to do with.

Thanks to Nick for graciously giving out his own personal gear in such a great prize pack, and to Andy for his patience and support of Alliance. We had a great day hanging out with Andy and Luke AKA Team Robinson along with Mr. Debuse, and with the weather reaching 16 degrees on March 11th, this should be the first of many great days on the water this summer.