In the UK we should be super thankful to the Germans for inventing and supplying all our cableways. Pretty much every cable in the world has been manufactured in Germany.  The Germans are masters of engineering and building stuff. They take extra pride in their work and are complete perfectionists. With their love of building things and fact that they are pretty good at it, we have always wondered why there aren’t more German wakeboard brands.

Well wonder no more my friends because here is a sneak peak of the Vampire wakeboard range. These guys are based in Germany and make high quality wakeboards, kitesurf boards and snowboards. The boards come with a 2 year warranty and it doesn’t matter if you use them on rails and kickers! Yep read that sentence again, I said it doesn’t matter if you use them on rails and kickers. These boards are built to last and to work and they back that statement up with their warranty.

Terry and Ben Hannam from Drifter Distribution are importing the boards into the UK, so expect to see these on the water this spring.

If you would like to be sponsored by Vampire Wake then they are inviting riders to send their CV and a collection of media coverage to

You can contact them at

You can also view the Vampire website here