June 21st, 2012 by Sim Bradley

*This contest has now closed, but you still have a little time to buy tickets for Wakestock before they sell out. Thanks to everyone who entered, and congratulations to Will Ellis who guessed closest to the correct answer of 4500, with 4391. Good effort!*

Wakestock is only two weeks away, and as a very special treat from Alliance and Wakestock we’re giving you the chance to win a pair of Rider VIP camping tickets to Wakestock!

Unless you’re an athlete riding at the festival, or are best mates with one of the riders then you normally wouldn’t have a hope in hell of getting hold of these tickets. Alliance are running the only competition where you have a chance of winning Riders VIP camping tickets – the lucky winner gets to pitch their tent with the pros on site, hang out all weekend in the VIP area, and enjoy all the fun of the festival for free!

To honour the summer festival complete with candy floss and rollerskating rink, we have styled the contest around the school fete favourite of guess how many sweets in the jar. There was a slight problem when we kept eating the sweets and couldn’t keep track of how many were left so we have a different question that is actually related to the event. The winner of this one-off prize is the person who guesses the closest answer to the following question:

How many nuts and bolts does it take to build the Wakestock Pool Gap?

To enter, just write your guess in the comments section below and make sure you sign in with your facebook account so we can contact you if your answer is correct. The contest runs throughout the weekend and we will pick a winner at midday next Monday June 25th.

To help you make an educated guess, watch this video of last years Pool Gap winner, Mitch Langfield. Remember both pools and the platform with the rails are all part of the build,  so think big.

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Remember folks, the closest answer wins, and make sure to sign in with your facebook account otherwise we can’t contact you if you win!

46 Responses to “Win Wakestock Rider Tickets!”

  1. Louis Hill Says:

    6500 nuts and bolts!

  2. Lauren Thomas Says:

    3416 N and B’s

  3. Sam Garside Says:

    2455 nuts and bolts

  4. William edge Says:

    12000 nuts and bolts together or 34000 if you count the nuts and bolts seperatly

  5. Rhian Alaw Says:

    5250 nuts & bolts

  6. siani j Says:


  11. lewisd10 Says:


  16. Nick Evans Says:


  17. Aj Godfrey Says:

    25000 nuts and bolts

  18. Bogi Mecsei Says:

    777 :)

  19. Nick Baldwin Says:

    45000 N&B’s

  21. Andy Huddlestone Says:

    Im guessing, 1996 Nuts & Bolts

  22. Demi Birch Says:

    2250 nuts and bolts :)

  23. dawn jones Says:


  25. Nick Murray Says:

    Errmm, 2650 nuts and bolts!

  26. Tim Huddlestone Says:

    1650 nuts and bolts

  27. Tim Huddlestone Says:

    Actually NO i think its 3,000 nuts and bolts not 1650!

  29. Will Ellis Says:

    4391 nuts and bolts!

  30. Gareth Robinson Says:

    5555 nut and bolts

  32. Dominic Murray Says:

    1750 nuts and bolts baby!!!

  36. Katie Fitz Says:


  37. Alexander Macdonald Says:

    8794 nuts and bolts…

  39. Myles Jackson Says:

    400 nuts and bolts

  40. Dave Mound Says:

    I think its 3500

  41. Dave Mound Says:

    So 7000 Nuts and Bolts individually

  42. Douglas Law Says:

    33998 indiv nuts and bolts

  43. Dave Mound Says:

    Could even be 20000

  44. Noel Rowan Says:

    id say this may be a trick question as i reckon screws and scaffold poes/fixings were used so im gonna say 40 nuts and bolts

  45. Alex butterworth Says:

    1655 nuts and bolts


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