Henshaw is never afraid to get his hands dirty, but he needs a little help with this project.

This is your chance to dream/craft/design the ultimate rail of your dreams. Go all out, add all the bells and whistles, the candy-paint paint job, the extra kicker, you know the deal.

Kevin will pick out his favorite design, grab his trusty hammer & nail, and start building!

You’re design will be the star of the next #permacation video where Kevin and his crew of friends shred it to pieces!

You’re hard work won’t go un-noticed as well, as the winner will be dialed in with Kevin’s pro-model 2013 Liquid Force Deluxe wakeboard, a clothing pack and shoes from Nike, a case of Monster Energy drinks, a pair of Von Zipper shades, a week’s supply of MyPakage underwear, and a pair of SOL REPUBLIC headphones!

Post your winning designs to our Facebook page @LiquidForceWake and Kevin will pick the winner December 31st!