Young brothers

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If you pay attention to the goings-on of Alliance staff members then you probably already know that current staffers Jeff McKee, Josh McWilliams (and former staffer) Chris Heavener are members of a band called Young Brother. If you pay really close attention you might also know that former staff member Travis Dopp was a guitar player/vocalist for the badass indie rock band Small Brown Bike. What you might not have known is that Small Brown Bike is back together, they played in downtown Orlando the other night, and Young Brother with special guest drummer Josh Letchworth opened the show for them.

The Social was the venue and many a indie rock fan from the wake scene came to check out the show. Everybody was stoked to not only see Young Brother in their biggest performance yet, but to also see the return of Small Brown Bike. Shredders like Ben Greenwood and Keith Lyman were there, as were Shredtown members Andrew Adams and Brent Besing, and even wakeskaters Stu Shinn, James Balzer and Aaron “Texas Tornado of Freedom” Reed were in attendance. Needless to say the PBR flowed like wine and lady rockers instinctively flocked to the front of the stage like the salmon of Capistrano. It was a beautiful night of friends, fun, and foot-tapping rock ‘n roll.

If you’re a fan of Small Brown Bike be on the lookout for them to possibly be playing a show near you soon, and if you’re a fan of Young Brother, look for some recorded tracks to be released in the not so distant future.

Young Brother from Northern Lights on Vimeo.