Yan Lecomte is sort of the Swiss army knife of wakeskaters. He’s handy in just about any situation. Need to scale fifteen feet up a tree to hang a pulley? Yan’s your man. Need a guy to cover your second angle? Yan’s your man. Need someone to talk the police into letting you session the spot a little longer? Yan’s your man. If Yan was completely terrible at wakeskating he would still be perfect for your film trip, but lucky for us and everyone else he is far from it. Do you need someone to hurl himself down a twelve foot drop for an hour walking away with a slew of heavy clips? Yan is your man. It’s hard to really say what this guy can’t do and even harder to say when he’ll stop. Lecomte’s persistence is only matched by his raw talent and there are few people as naturally talented on a board as him. For someone who only has his water in liquid form a few months out of the year it is insane to see what he is capable of doing on his wakeskate. Istudiomo is eternally grateful to have this unique talent a part of our roster and we can’t wait to show you what he’s got.

For more info about Yan Lecomte check out http://istudiomo.com/project/yan-lecomte/

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