What’s your zodiac sign and how does it go over with the ladies?

I’m Aquarius…at least that’s what the internet just told me. Apparently I have a lot in common with the water beavers of the delta, and the ladies!? I got myself a beaver! haha.


What’s so great about the delta? I’ve heard so much but have never been…

It’s just endless water that is most likely perfect around the corner. And if your lucky, a seal might great you. Plus Josh Twelker lives there!


Speaking of Josh Twelker, you seem to ride with him a lot…What do you have to do to loosen that kid up? He’s awfully shy right?

Shy!? That kid isn’t shy around me. I have some hilarious stories. You just have to chill with him for more than one day.


What made you decide to stay in the delta area when the beautiful beaches and perfect waves are awaiting you on the California coastline?

What made me decide this??? Good question. If it wasn’t for the best water ways in Cali, I would probably be somewhere else like the beach. There is literally one shopping center in Discovery Bay. I call it the “bubble,” But I love the bubble.


We’ve run quite a few of your video’s on the Alliance site now and we must say they’re quite good. How did you get into it and how do you plan on evolving your film career?

As a little grom, getting a vid on Alliance Wake was a rush. I swear the videos look different on that website then they do in my hard drive. I just want my video’s to keep looking better and better. It’s more of a self-satisfaction thing.


What’s up with WSR? Is it a So Cal only thing cause it seems like none of the delta guys have ever been a part?

Randall has that WSR thing all locked down haha. I’ve been shredding with that fool a little here and there keeping things WEST SIDE!!! If anything, my rhymes will get me in there, Randall knows what I’m talking about haha.



Why do you Poke your board so hard? Are you trying to break your bindings?

Style bro! Hella… haha.


If you were on a plane that was going down, what song would you listen to before impact? 

Billy Idol “Dancing with Myself”


Describe your dream wakation:

Kind of unrealistic but how dope would it be to just ride through all the huge buildings and walls of Florence, Italy. You could be shredding past the people in goofy outfits rowing their little boats while chicks are jumping out of their homes doin perfect pencils into the water just loving life. What a dream haha!


Top 3 favorite wakeboard tricks:

wrapped stailgrab heel 540

wrapped toe back 360

anything that looks fluid