April 20th, 2010 by alliance
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Derek Cook wanted to get every version of a 360 he knows in one video. One set later, 10 variations, check.

Video by Trever Maur. Watch in HD here.

Derek Cook wanted to get every version of a 360 he knows in one video. One set later, 10 variations, check.
Video by Trever Maur. Watch in HD here.

26 Responses to “10 360s with Derek Cook”

  1. gw Says:

    what happend to every version of a 3??? he just did 10 toeside frontside 3s with different grabs. he killed it for sure but i wanna see sketchy switch back 3s and shit maybee an osmosis 3 or ole’. EVERY 360 POSSIBLE. the title is missleading.

  3. korn Says:

    derek cook is a fine gentleman.

  4. Kyle Says:

    Its every 360 he knows. it didnt say every 360 ever or every 360 possible… title isnt misleading at all.ha. Sick video.

  5. turdsandwich Says:

    Damn that was really stupid, alliance sucks! way misleading, bad fliming, bad idea. Derek shreds but this is just be sumthin that should be fun, not video worthy, Alliance step your game up… better yet please someone else pick up the slack!!!!!!

  6. ms peaches friend chicken Says:

    dude this video player is garbage i hate waiting an hour to watch a video

  7. Rufio Says:

    Is it just me, or do the first 2 look identical, along with numbers 3 and 4? nose grab front 3’s and then melon front 3’s… how are these different?

  8. lawlz Says:

    lol what a joke hes okay rider but change title for sure…

  9. Corey J. McKenna Says:

    You guys are funny! Didnt know everything on a community wake site has to look like it was edited James Cameron. Keep tearing apart guys that are posting stuff up here for fun and you will end up with no one posting. ^5 to all of you guys, double ^5 to the guys who have never posted a video they have edited on been in. Great job Trever and DC, cant wait to see what you guys come up with next time. I will watch it. Corey M

  10. bandit Says:

    i agree with gw he could of thrown some BS 3’s in there at least

  11. Ejazzle Says:

    why does everyone have to bitch on here? especially under fake names. Sack up.

    This kid has mad steeze

  12. twizzle Says:

    dude cook is the shit!! stop bitching, bitches

  13. Matty Dubs Says:

    Corey is right on. Maybe you guys should just hate less and ride more…then maybe you can put up a vid with you doing cool stuff. Derek’s got mad and unique style. Any video with him is rad to watch, always unique and something new.

  14. Heidi Jackson Says:

    Love matty dubs comment. Agreed.

  15. Peter Twelker Says:

    In the opening monologue he says he is doing all toeside frontside threes. If you didn’t want to see that you could have quit then and there. There is no misrepresentation here. Nice riding Derek and nice edit Trever.

  16. Jeff Says:

    That japan 3 is the illest. Sick vid and nice riding. I do have to agree that a lot of those looked like the exact same 3, so I would call it 5 ts 3’s with style. However, a good idea for a video would be to do to all 3’s possible- frontside, backside, switch, wrapped, toeside, ole, etc.

  17. Matt Hayden Says:

    stop harshing on these videos!!!if you have something better then POST it… keep shrdding Derek!!

  18. mdub248 Says:

    At least he knew when he grabbed that gross Tailfish. That should ve been edited out. Nice attempt though.

  19. gw Says:

    hate hate hate hate hate hate hate playa haters ball

  20. Riley Says:

    Yeah D Cook and T Maur!

    Keep rocking these videos! Any one of these haters would give their left nut to ride with you guys, they are just mad that they have 0 talent and misery loves company. Don’t let them bring you down. Having haters means you’re doing something right! Now if you could just get DAVID WILLIAMS at WW to stop stealing your videos that would be great!

  21. Humanoid Says:

    Hey Derek it’s ya grandmotha…

    did ya get the lasagna I sent you?!

    Whats with all the potty mouth on this site?

    ohh gawwd that waz fantastic Derek… cawl me an let me know how ya bowel movements are.

    – G’ma Cook

  22. Earth Day Says:

    Onetime I visited Louisiana, it was gay.

  23. Vinnie D Says:

    Love those 3’s D Cook! T. Mauer, keep those videos coming, they are looking better and better. I really like the boat behind D at the 30 seconds. It just happens to be mine.

  24. GH Says:

    no hation, appreciation, keep it up Cook, Alliance and all those true soul riders out there on the interweb.

  25. Jason Martin Says:

    Sick vid! Finally something from the dirty d.

  26. Chicken fucker Says:

    That was retarded


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