Totally random and totally for fun questionnaire with the one and only Canadian bull dog, Chad Sharpe.

1. How many Canadian tuxedos do you currently own?

Chad Sharpe: I don’t think I own any, I’ve bought all mine at the Men’s Wearhouse.

2. What did you do for the past 12 days since it’s been literally freezing cold in Orlando?

CS: I played a lot of hockey with the boys, went to the gym a little bit and did a lot of nothing.

3. How often do you normally ride in the off-season?

CS: Providing the weather wasn’t like it was the past 12 days I try to ride at least once or twice day.

4. What are you most excited about for wakeboarding and 2010?

CS: I’m definitely excited about traveling and doing a lot of filming for my website. I’m doing a lot of trips to different spots this year, so it will be fun to get some unique footage from those trips and put them up on the web.

5. If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life what would it be?

CS: I’ll say Slapshot. Old Paul Newman movie, I’ve probably seen it 100 times and I still love it.

6. Video game you’re currently spending the most time playing.

CS: NHL 2010 and I’ve been dabbling a little bit with Modern Warfare 2, but I have trouble getting into the shooter games. I like sports stuff better.

7. What’s scarier for you, jumping down a huge gap or using a ramp to step up it?

CS: Jumping down is always fun, and stepping up is kinda new and there’s a lot of science that kinda goes into it – a lot of unknowns – so that can be pretty scary when you’re doing something for the first time.

8. What was the first setup you ever rode (board, bindings, boat, etc) and where was it?

CS: The first setup I ever rode was out on Lake Sammamish, WA where my parents have a summer home and where I learned to ride. The setup was a Stussy Wake-Ski. It was this big blue monstrosity. I was so little I had to start on my stomach like a kneeboard and then stand up and put my feet in.

9. How long are you going to grow your hair?

CS: It’s an actual date that’s been pushed back twice now. It was originally January 4 and it wasn’t long enough, so now my date is February 24. It’s all for a donation so it’s got to be a certain length. We don’t really have a dress code in the wake industry, so when it got to be pretty long I figured I would just keep growing it until I could chop it off and donate it.

10. What are you going to do this weekend?

CS: This weekend I am in Denver for the boat show. Hopefully I’m gonna meet some new, cool people, sell some boards, sell some boats and have a good time.

This was Chad's first trick off the dock one morning. Just a monster double up. Silly Canadians...

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