Keith is a no B.S. kinda guy

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1. Why do you go so big when you ride?

Keith Lyman: I eat a lot of sugar? (laughs) To be honest I’m somewhat addicted to adrenaline. When I first started riding the only thing I could think about was seeing how high and how far out I could go. It just sort of happened, it’s what seemed normal to me. I saw wakeboarding as an “extreme sport” so I figured doing your tricks to the limit was what it was all about. “Extreme sports” aren’t reputable because of body conservation; people want to see bigger, better, and closer to destruction all the time. Plus riding that way makes me feel like I am accomplishing something.

I don’t ride big all the time, however. There are sets that I go out and just ride wake to wake. But those are not fun to me. I find that if I haven’t ridden in a while and I go out for just a wake-to-wake set I feel like a slacker and generally do not ride very well. However, if I go out and start ripping tricks out into the flats right off the bat I tend to ride so much better.

2. On a scale of 1-10, how much do you love sushi?

KL: That/s a pretty easy question to answer, 10!

3. What were you thinking the first time you cut at the wake-to-rail gap of death while filming for Push Process?

KL: “When do I cut?” and “Oh crap!” I guess a combination of those two things were going through my head. The idea for that rail came about a long time ago when I had seen snowboarders gapping from kickers up to table tops that had rails on them.

When Oakley said that they would pay for it if I found someone to build it I immediately thought of Pat Panakos. Pat is the rail building god of our sport and when I told him what I was wanting to do he got as excited as me and I knew I could count on him to build it exactly the way I was picturing it in my head. Sure enough he finished the rail and it was exactly how I had visioned it in my head. The sketchy part was figuring out when to cut at the wake in order to land perfectly on the thing, as well as making sure I cut hard enough without busting thru the wake and killing myself.

4. Why do you insist on driving with your windows down in Florida when it’s 97 degrees out with 88% humidity, rather than just using the AC?

KL: (laughs) I guess because I love the heat?! I’m from Massachusetts and it’s rare that you can do that up there even during the summers. Plus I am usually wet from being in the lake so it helps with letting the moisture out…?

5. If you could own any military vehicle/craft, what would it be?

KL: Oh man! That’s like asking a kid if he could only have ONE toy from “Toys-R-Us” what it would be! I guess I would have to say a F-22A Raptor as well as the skills to know how to fly that bad boy.

6. Call of Duty or Halo?

KL: Call of Duty! Way better.

7. What are you looking forward to this upcoming season?

KL: Improving my riding and having fun with it!

8. What’s one trick you’ve always wanted but still can’t do?

KL: Hmmmmm, that is a tough question. I’m pretty sure if I worked really hard I could do just about any trick, but I would have to say a backside 5 out into the flats. For whatever reason I have tried about a million of those and still can not seem to figure out the landing.

9. Do you have a video section of your own that is a personal favorite or stands out above the rest to you?

KL: My section from Push Process is still my favorite mainly because of the wake-to-rail gap, but I was also really pumped to work with Justin Stephens and Oakley on it.

10. What’s the deal with the Keith Lyman camps at the Projects this spring?

KL: I have worked with the Projects to let me take over the camp for three different weeks this spring. Week 1 is March 29th to April 2nd. Week Two will be April 5th to April 9th and the last week will be May 31st to June 4th. Basically I will be the head coach and not only will I be teaching the students but I will obviously be riding as well, maybe even with some of them.

I have hand picked items from all of my sponsors and will be making “Welcome Bags” for every student who signs up.

Oakley is contributing T-shirts, Hats, Signed Push Process DVD’s and posters.

Liquid Force is contributing T-shirts.

Kicker Audio is contributing headphones.

Pro Tec is contributing Helmets for each rider.

Straight Line is contributing Lyman Pro Model Handles.

The Projects has it all: rails, cables, and perfect riding conditions. It’s an ideal spot to come and learn. Each week is limited to a maximum of eight riders so spots will fill up quickly. The weeks should be a fun time and will help benefit each rider’s skill level. We have been and will continue launching some promo videos with all of the information needed to sign up on my website ( as well as and and hopefully various other websites.

10.5. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?

KL: Oh! You are supposed to lick those things?!

Keith working out a deal with the sun gods