15 Athletes Crowned at Day Two of

Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships

Pleasant Prairie, WI. — Glassy conditions on Lake Andrea greeted a global conglomerate of some of the world’s most talented wakeboarders and wakeskaters at day two of the Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships presented by Supra. The tranquil lake surface set the stage for a full day of optimal riding from athletes in all divisions culminating in 15 riders earning coveted 2013 World Titles.

World Championship honors in one of the day’s most competitive divisions, Junior Men’s, went to Aussie rider Joel Bartley. Boosting from the Supra SA550’s huge wake, Bartley linked a run that featured some of the biggest airs of the day, with perfectly executed rotations including super-stylish regular and switch 720s. The judges rewarded his near flawless run with a World Title, narrowly edging out Americans Guenther Oka and Jake Pelot, who both put in valiant efforts.

In one of the toughest World Title runs in recent memory, 11-year old U.S.A competitor Garrett Coleman, overcame a hard fall during yesterday’s Boys Beginner semifinals that required a trip to the doctor’s office to will himself to victory today. Coleman explained his approach for the winning run stating, “I knew I couldn’t fall on my backside 180, my fall yesterday couldn’t stop me today. I told the doctor I’m riding no matter what!”

A complete list of World Champions determined at day two of  competition includes: Joel Bartley (Jr. Men), Michael Vincz (Men’s II), Matt Vermillion (Veterans), Kyla Hendricks (Jr. Girls), Benjamin Brown (Jr. Boys Beginner), Jesse Deemer (Adaptive Stand), Cristobal Mendez (Amateur Wakeskate Finals), Hollie Waldrop (Girls Finals), Garrett Coleman (Boys Beginner Finals), Sofia Dinatale (Jr. Women Finals), Carolina Rodriguez (Amateur Women), Susan Sheehan (Veterans Women), Joy Manning (Masters Women), Rocker Steiner (Jr. Boys) and Sam Brown (Boys).

Saturday and Sunday’s competitions are ticketed events. Gate prices are $13 (adult); $5 (ages 6-12); free (ages 5 and under).

For more information on the Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships presented by Supra, visit KingofWake.com.

The Rockstar WWA Wakeboard World Championships presented by Supra is organized by World Sports & Marketing of Orlando, Fla., and has the support of the following sponsors: Supra Boats, Rockstar Energy Drink, WWA, Overton’s, Indmar, Polaroid Action, Ronix, Fox, Zeal Optics, CWB, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Byerly, Peavey, Sayiwon’t, Epiphone and YOUR MOM magazine.

Day 2 Results:

Men’s II Finals

1.      Michael Vincz 79.33

2.      Corbin Blanton 75.33

3.      Tom Pazerunas 71.67

4.      Nick Cankar 53.33


Jr. Men Finals

1.      Joel Bartley 92.67

2.      Guenther Oka 86.67

3.      Jake Pelot 73.33

4.      Chad Payton 60.00

5.      Lewis Watt 55.00

6.      Shannon Speering 43.33


Veteran Finals

1.      Matt Vermillion 80.00

2.      Darren Holsey 61.67

3.      Hideshi Nakayama 36.67


Boys Finals

1.      Sam Brown 82.83

2.      Tyler Higham 70.67

3.      Elliot Digney 67.67

4.      Tyler Sommer 66.00

5.      Kevin Duffy 55.00

6.      Nicholas Brown 21.67


Jr. Boys Finals

1.      Rocker Steiner 80.00

2.      Thomas Herman 70.67

3.      Gabriel Benetton 58.33

4.      Fynn Bullock 51.67

5.      Pablo Monroy 41.67


Adaptive Standing Finals

1.      Jesse Deemer 93.33


Jr. Girls Finals

1.      Kyla Hendricks 70.00

2.      Sofia Mendez 56.67

3.      Sydney Deary 48.33

4.      Kaitlyn Adams 40.00


Jr. Boy’s Beginner Finals

1.      Benjamin Brown 80.00

2.      Daniel Johnson 71.67

3.      Xavier Olea Vorhauer 65.00

4.      Brett Powell 51.67


Amateur Wakeskate Finals

1.      Cristobal Mendez 71.67

2.      Josh Hamon 58.33

3.      Alex Hale 26.67


Girls Finals

1.      Hollie Waldrop 75.00

2.      Mary Morgan Howell 65.00

3.      Hallie Bauer 52.00

4.      Sarah Deary 40.00


Boys Beginner Finals

1.      Garrett Coleman 78.33

2.      Trystan Semon 65.00

3.      Andy Birch 56.67

4.      Kenny Prowse 48.33


Jr. Women Finals

1.      Sofia Dinatale 81.00

2.      Gianna Dinatale 70.33

3.      Alyssa Rokita 60.00

4.      Abigail Prowse 50.00


Amateur Women Finals

Carolina Rodriguez  83.33


Veterans Women

1.      Susan Sheehan 63.33

2.      Kat Laird 50.00


Masters Women

1.      Joy Manning 74.67

2.      Natalie Graham 40.00


Adaptive Stand Semifinals

1.      Jesse Deemer 60.00


Men’s I semifinals (Top 6 advance)

1.      Timothy Burnier 75.00

2.      Kevin Hutts 62.67

3.      Colby Bernier 58.33

4.      John Zdeblick 48.33

5.      Ben Herrema 46.67

6.      Jordan Gensler 30.00


Master’s Semifinals Heat 1 (Top 4 advance)

1.      Brandon Lackey 66.67

2.      Kevin Michael 56.33

3.      Brent Anderson 51.67

4.      Aaron Lecklider 46.67


Jr. Pro Men Quaterfinals Heat 1(Top 2 Advance)

1.      Parker Siegele 96.50

2.      Robby Holihan 91.25

3.      Justin Lee 80.75

4.      Jamie McCauley 71.50


Jr. Pro Men Quaterfinals Heat 2

1.      Brad Teunissen 95.00

2.      Joey Buss 90.00

3.      Damien Adam 79.75

4.      Jeongwook Kim 75.25


Jr. Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 3

1.       Freddie Wayne 92.25

2.       Gordon Harrison 90.25

3.       Ian Cole 83.00

4.       Morgan Pederson 74.50


Jr. Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 4

1.      Cory Teunissen 100.00

2.      Juan Mendez 90.00

3.      Zachary Brown 80.00


Jr. Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 5

1.      Tony Iacconi 97.74

2.      Mac Schramm 90.25

3.      Gus Shuler 82.00


Jr. Pro Men Quarterfinals Heat 6

1.      Noah Flegel 100.00

2.      Jason Soven 87.75

3.      Yangsu Kim 82.25



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