March 29th, 2013 by Submitted

Take a two minute set with Tony Carroll and see what he’s been up to over on clear lake. Tony has been dialing in his riding for this upcoming season while maintaining style and consistency. Looking forward to wake games in April.

Film & edit by Alex Glass

16 Responses to “2 minutes with Tony Carroll”

  1. randy layhee Says:

    Wow!! Tony Carroll is killing it. wake to wake mobe 5’s = supreme baller status

  2. tyson Says:

    yeah Tony! nice mix of tech & style

  3. michael sutherland Says:

    Killing it dude!!

  4. Adam Fields Says:

    Daaaammn Tony!! That was awesome!!! Sick grabs on everything too.

  5. TheSpangler Says:

    F ya, tail poke toeside back one @ 1:22 so sick!

  6. Turbo Says:

    Sick edit. Very little slo-mo. Good riding. Keep this stuff coming!

  7. Steve Says:

    sent tail back one

  8. SaFtEeFiRsT Says:

    Wow! Sick riding, great edit!

  9. Pete Says:

    holy hell. Great stuff. DUDE!! dooope… what happened to the corn rolls though?

  10. cam Says:

    super smooth and solid!!!

  11. Lakeside Watersports CT Says:

    Such a sick edit! Love all the back to back hits.

  12. yeaaa! Says:

    not a dull moment in this one!!!! just steez n hammerz

  13. Zach Winch Says:

    1:27, so smoooth! Tony’s always impressive. I’d like to see him on a real wake!

  14. illtypemoves Says:

    veddy slick

  15. Tyler Guest Says:

    Yeah dudes!! Dope shredding and edit!

  16. JB ONeill Says:



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