April 8th, 2013 by Alliancewake.com Spencer Norris

I was able to get out on the boat with Jeff for two sets and he threw down some of the best riding I have ever seen of him. The Bruce is on the LOOSE!

24 Responses to “2 Sets with Jeff Langley”

  1. Dylan Mitchell Says:

    Holy Shit, that was so sick

  2. Alec Says:

    This made class 100 times better this morning.

  3. Rick T. Says:

    Great ridin Jeff, love the style. What a sweet little vid. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Langley ride in person and it was awe inspiring!

  4. Jake F. Says:

    Somebody get this guy a boat! Why does Nautique sponsor guys like Jimmy Lariche and Kyle Rattray instead of this dude?

  5. wake Says:

    Any ideas of the song on this?

  6. Shazam Says:

    I AM YOU (Star Slinger Remix) by COOLRUNNINGS

  7. Jacob_p Says:

    So f-ing dope

  8. yo Says:

    From a marketing standpoint, how is he not one of the top guys?

  9. pointless Says:

    ^ He is one of the top guys, but the wakeboard industry is too messed up to realize it.

    So sick Jeff

  10. dudeman Says:

    I was going to say that was one of the best crow mobes Ive ever seen. Then I saw the rest of the video, and every single trick was probably the best representation of style, quality, and magnitude that Ive seen. Very solid work right there.

  11. BillyE Says:

    jeffrey knows how to throw down.

  12. Derek Cook Says:

    ya dude! killing it!

  13. Brandon Bell Says:

    best pete ever!

  14. Ricketts Says:

    so sick!! so much style!!! watch and learn to all those huck with luck kinda guys

  15. Ian Smith Says:

    Jeff is the man! i saw a video of him not too long ago riding some cable.. pretty sure it was in thailand, and he was doing maaasssssive backside 180s off the kickers, soo unreal!

  16. Tore Says:

    Clear lakes BEST kept secrets getting out, Jeffs even more legit off the water then is on it!

  17. Sick Cat Says:

    The kid is the SICKEST CAT in the game! (Excluding Fifa 13)

  18. michael sutherland Says:

    so much style!! so sick

  19. Burt Grabe Says:

    What boat was he riding behind ? Looks like G23 ?

  20. Mikey Ennen Says:

    Langley Ripping! yeah bud

  21. Two Eyes Says:

    I think he was riding a 91 sport nautique…

  22. illtypemoves Says:


  23. Steve Says:

    Langley is the man on and off the water! All around legit!

  24. Scott Ragan Says:

    Going to see more of this sick rider at “Wake the Desert” in San Angelo, Tx. The third weekend of July. The Wake and Surf event is Texas largest, and brings in the biggest names in business Like Jeff Langley, Chad Sharp, and Brian Grub. Come out and witness the best contest on the planet..Wake the Desert. July 19,20,21…


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