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Here’s a quick video Collin Harrington shot with Mike Dowdy this summer for a Tige MyWake video contest submission. The whole video was shot in only two sets. One set we shot with a GoPro and B roll and the other was straight up hammer time.

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8 Responses to “2 Sets with Mike Dowdy”

  1. Busch Says:

    I don’t get how he does it… Those double flips are so cool especially from that angle. Pretty mind blowing stuff he can pull off.

  2. Justin H. Says:

    When you have to stop your 9s to keep from going to 10, there are some laws of the universe being broken. The space-time-continum is forever ruined…thanks dude.

  3. jh Says:

    w2w bs 10s and dbl flips. dowdy and new xstar bringing in the future… is darin shapiro gonna make up some new stuff too?!?!

  4. Caleb Fauntleroy aka murda Says:


  5. RT Says:

    I’m almost positive that’s a G23 and not an Xstar but either way…MIND BLOWING HAMMERS. Sicks ridding and great little edit!

  6. rightsaidfred Says:

    so height very spin much wow

  8. bro Says:

    sick edit collin and rad riding mike, what was the song?


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