California is pretty cool…nobody really seems to work, they eat breakfast all day long and everyone has tattoo’s and surfboards. If things end up going haywire here in Orlando I think I’m just going to say F-it all and go live in a van right in the parking lot of the Body Glove offices and dive for lobster all day long. Imagine that…A homeless man eating lobster for every meal. Now that I’ve put that one out in the open let’s talk about what really went down out of town.


This past weekend was the 2008 Lobster Festival sponsored by Body Glove International  and their shop Dive & Surf. Lobster festival has been running in Redondo Beach for quite a few years now (I really have no idea if that is a valid statement or not), but this was the first time that Body Glove has been involved so they wanted to make sure that all of the visitors took notice, and what better way to do that than to send a couple of their wakeboarders flying off of kickers and into fixed metal poles that are planted right in the landing zone of the lagoon? Exactly what Aaron Aubrey decided to do after landing a perfect wrapped frontside stalefish 5.  Daniel Doud, Shelby Kantar and Robby Meistrel were the brains behind the operation and invited Aaron Aubrey and myself out to play along. The festival was three days long with killer beach bands, fresh lobster, Body Glove fashion shows and of course the wakeboard spectacle…Team Dantar constructed a 35 foot flat bar and a kicker for us to entertain the crowd with and to be honest my hands are still soaked in butter from slapping high fives with so many lobster consuming fanatics (they were fans of the show is what I am trying to say). Danny Evans even came out to MC the event. I even got the chance to go off the kicker wearing a lobster suit and short skis to finish the show. A water skiing lobster is pretty rare, so I’m like 97 percent sure it’ll probably end up in the Guiness book.


Between the million and one showtimes at the lobster festival I managed to catch a break and head out lobster diving with Greg Browning and Dive master Scott Smith. It was my first time diving for lobster and really I think I just scared them all away. At one point Greg poked a 6 or 7 pounder in the tail so that It would swim out of the rocks and “into my hands,” but the lobster came flying out of the rocks so quick that it hit me in the mask with his ass and then Greg hit me in the mask with his hand trying to grab the thing. I did however manage to catch one by hand which sent the stoke meter through the roof. Eating lobster that you caught with your bare hands taste a lot like the mot beautiful woman in the entire world wrapped in a gold flake bikini.


I want to say thanks to everyone at Body Glove for putting on a hell of a show and always treating the team right. Also a big thanks to team Dantar for helping set up the event and building all of the obstacles.


Dear Shelby,

I would like to take a chance to apologize for farting on you this past weekend…If it makes you feel any better I have been getting farted on for the past 5 hours by the guy next to me on the airplane. He keeps trying to act natural but my nose can’t be fooled. Ski ya’ later alligator!