2009 Alliance Superlatives

Video Section of the Year

Intro — Rewritten

rewritten into - cortese

The Alliance Video Section of the Year award usually goes to a rider/filmer/editor combo as an overall statement – it’s the section that not only has some of the best riding, but it also has some of the most unique filming, innovative editing, and great music, to boot. This year, though, a different sort of section stood a Sasquatch head and shoulders above the rest. The introduction to Rewritten isn’t just one of the best intros to any wakeboarding video ever, it might just be one of the best intros in the history of action sports. Just thinking about the logistics of it all – and all that needed to go perfectly right in order for it to be pulled off – makes us dizzy. Props to the Hyperlite team and the A.V.E. crew for somehow making it all work, and then editing it in such a way and putting it on screen to where it just blows minds. Seriously, if you haven’t seen this thing go buy the DVD right now.

rewritten intro - jimmy - cortese

Jimmy dodging ‘copters. Photo Cortese

rewritten jib - cortese

No small time production. Photo Cortese

rewritten_ruck - cortese

Keith Kipp gets the shot of Ruck. Photo Cortese

The 2009 Alliance Superlatives recognize the outstanding athletes and more for the past year. They are chosen by the Alliance staff in collaboration with former Rider of the Year winners. Be sure to check out the new issue of Alliance Wakeboard Magazine for more.