A Wake Outlaws & Centurion Boats Production
Saturday June 27th, 2009
Brazos River, Kopperl Texas

Deep in the Heart of Texas the Texas Wakesurf Championships presents “The Truth” on the Brazos River,
bringing the best riders from around the World to compete for the coveted TWC titles in Mens & Women
Professional and Pro‐Am Surf and Skim divisions. From across the United States, Canada, Switzerland,
and South Africa, the TWC boasted record turnouts for competitors and spectators and turned away
talent for over two weeks as registration filled quickly.

Everything is bigger in Texas, not limited to the waves, the boats, the talent and even the Sun; the staff,
riders, spectators all struggled thru a dry, calm and consecutive 100+ degree days starting from the
Thursday VIP/Sponsor day, Friday Official Practice and Wake Outlaws sponsored dinner, Saturdays main
event and the Sunday Free‐Ride. From heat beaten judges to competitors sitting in their running cars
with the AC on, nobody could escape the heat of the TWC. Even the A/V broadcast equipment from the
boats suffered as the transponders overheated.

With the help of Centurion Boats and Fun‐n‐Sun Boats, Wake Outlaws prepped the TWC custom SV240s
for the perfect wave including modifying one with the Centurion “Right Surf” system with the reverse
transmission and prop. Two World‐Class waves were delivered that Centurion owners celebrated and
other boat manufacturer loyalist were not prepared for. As the SV240 has demonstrated in years past,
once again the wakesurf community was reminded what it is like to surf the best wave in the industry.

What can be said about the riding? As in years pasts the TWC boasted some of the best riding in the
sport. With crowd favorites Bri Chmel (The reigning Womens Pro Skim TWC Champion) and James
Walker (The Reigning Mens Pro Surf TWC Champion) expectations were high and the riders came to
deliver. An exceptional display of aerials, spins and a level of aggression and style was put on display; as
the crowds gathered floating on boards by the course, on the dock & shoreline and in the best seats in the
house around the 65” HDTV displaying the live feed from the boats themselves. With all the oohs & ahhs
of the best competitive riding ever witnessed the crowds were amazed at some of the most technical
tricks and air boasted by the Mens & Womens Pro Class.

With cash and prizes on the line and over $14,000 up for grabs the crowns of the TWC were distributed
as Bri Chmel, (Crowley Wake) two time TWC Womens Pro Skim Champion floored her class boasting an
orchestrated display with a HUGE 3‐Shuv and capping her run with a 1440, the largest spin ever
witnessed in TWC history. Chase Hazen (Shred Stixx) dominated the Mens Pro Surf class with authority
bringing an arsenal of the largest, technical, grabbed and inspiring aerials with monstrous Alley‐Oops,
and Air Reverse at heights on Chase can hit. Young Keenan Flegel (Inland Surfer) brought finesse and
power in the Mens Pro Skim and awed the crowds and his competitors with his style and power in his
sessions. Finally in the Womens Pro Surf, all the way from Switzerland Rebecca Ort (Shred Stixx)
delivered huge aerials in an impressive run as she took the womens Pro Surf crown.

Led by a 1440, 3‐Shuvs, Air Reverse, Front‐Side Bigspin the TWC riders in 2009 put on a hell of a show
and let fellow wakesurfers around the world know what it competitive Wakesurfing is about. A huge
congrats to the Pro riders, the Pro‐Ams and the masters that came out and delivered an unforgettable
show in 2009!

As the contest concluded the next round of events for the TWC kicked off. As riders and spectators sat
down for a full catered dinner by Pollo Salsa the Wake Outlaws and supporting sponsors delivered a
$2000.00 Piñata including a Triple‐X Wakesurf Board as the crowd was ready for an evening of festivities.
Following the Piñata party over $6000.00 dollars worth of Wakesurf Boards, Wakesurf & Wakeskim
Racks, Vests, Cameras, Bags, Traction, Vendor Prize‐Packs, T‐Shirts, DVDs, Ropes, Audio equipment and
hundreds of miscellaneous prizes were given out, in a seemingly endless supply of prizes kept the energy
up as the TWC entered its closing with a Fireworks display and led into the concert and after party.

As the first band of the night the “Sweater Puppies” took the stage on the 36’ flatbed trailer the crowd
new two things, only at the TWC, and the after party had began. An outstanding show delivered by the
Sweater Puppies as drummer Chris Dykgraaf promised the night before “we’re gonna rock the VD off of
you”. Followed by Dallas locals “The Krooks” the concert was in full swing and everyone had a great time.
The Sweater Puppies came up to close the night playing fan favorites into the early morning.

In a rough 2009 for all in the marine industry it is important for the TWC to call out those manufactures
that stepped up to support this event. This is the wakesurf supporting cast and those that will be here
tomorrow a HUGE thanks to Wake Outlaws, Centurion Boats, Fun‐n‐Sun Boats, Boatmate Trailers, Wet
, Inland Surfer, Phase 5, Endless Break, Saltless Surfer, Triple‐X Wakesurf Boards, Fresh Air
, The Walker Project, Nice‐Rack, Rodzoo High‐Speed Internet and Clearwater Creations.

A Huge Thanks to the staff that put it on: Charlie Angel, Jeff Page, Lance Connor, Roy Gordon, Robbie
Gordon, TJ Brennan, Laura Wilmoth, Shane Allison, Sean Cummings, Judy Walker, Ryan Reyes, Cameron
Dees, BreAnn Dees, Sandra Gonzalez, Cort Burell, Kirsten Flegel, Keenan Flegel, Richard McCully, Warrick
Bell, Jeff Walker, and a host of others that came together to make it happen. THANK YOU ALL!