March 26th, 2012 by The Intern

With Spring right around the corner, and summer following close behind, it is time to break out this years “Boardshort Preview.” 2012 is the year of the infinite stretch and seamless comfort. With every brand pouring all of their finances into boardshort R&D it is no wonder why this years preview is packed full of surprises. Check out which styles tickle your fancy from the brands below and make sure you look at part one of the “Boardshort Preview” for even more summer apparel.


“Amphibious”                    “Ranga 2 in Red”                    “Ranga 2 in Indigo”

MSRP: $77                       MSRP:$67                             MSRP: $67

“Derailer”                              “Chaser”

MSRP: $67                           MSRP: $37


“Plasma”                         “Game Changer”

MSRP: $75                     MSRP: $90

“Plasma”                          “Danger”                         “Game Changer”

MSRP: $75                      MSRP: $65                      MSRP: $90


“Komplete Platinum X”                        “Flux Platinum X”

MSRP: $65                                         MSRP: $75


“Runway”                         “Hombre – CLSC”

MSRP: $56                      MSRP: $56

“Hombre – CLSC”                         “Typebreaker”                         “Runway”

MSRP: $56                                   MSRP: $64                            MSRP: $56



“Focus”                         “Baseline”

MSRP: $72                    MSRP: $68 


“Isolation”                         “Uniblood”

MSRP: $59                       MSRP: $59 


“Like A Flash”                        “Mystery Boardies”                          “The Blade 2″

MSRP: $75                             MSRP: $ N/A                                  MSRP: $130

3 Responses to “2012 Boardshort Preview – Part 2”

  1. hmmm. Says:

    where is your jort preview?

  2. mike Says:

    no quicksilver either.. . figures

  3. real Says:

    if quiksilver is going to pull out of wake, then why bother promoting them???


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