November 19th, 2012 by alliance

Alliance Wakeboard Magazine’s ‘2012 Rider of the Year’ Raph Derome visits ShredTown. For more info about this shoot and to check out all the photos go to

23 Responses to “2012 ROTY Raph Derome Visits Shredtown”

  1. SaFtEeFiRsT Says:


  2. ahhhhaa Says:

    I havent even watched this but Im going to go ahead and say that is is sick as fuck

  3. ahhhhaa Says:

    that was sick as fuck

  5. jigga Says:

    it’s special effects like all of raphs vids. we aren’t stupid.

  6. nini Says:

    nice hits, but everyone looks pissed on that vid

  7. dirtyCoast Says:

    nini, i was thinking the same thing. “you can make me hang out with this canadian, but you cant make me Fing SMILE on cam!”

  8. oldripper Says:

    Hey ”not stupid ”JIGGA Lets see you’re video with you on it ,you must be so good to see special effect everywere!!!!!!!

  9. Tommy Says:

    Hey “old dude”… I just reported you to the sarcasm police. They will contact you shortly and explain sarcasm to u.

  10. peter Says:

    It looked like this was the last time Raph got to ride and it was a farwell video or something, since when did it become cool to sound look like your about ready to cry while saying, Im really stoked and thanks to everyone for making this happen . Chris and andrew kinda sounded a little jealous, and why wouldnt they be?? He comes out to their place and makes them do all the bitch for for him lol. I donno this vid was just kinda lame, all of these guys were my favorite, and now raph is not.

  11. bro Says:

    so sick! spread the love, spread the shred!

  12. FREAK Says:


  13. REALLY Says:

    @peter are you retarded, how can anyone take your dilutional opinion seriously considering how unintelligent your are? 1st grade grammar and spelling missed you in class. It’s ok though, pissing yo pants is coooool.

    Sounds like you’re just bummed bc you’re nobody’s favorite and this is your farewell comment.

    Raph, Chris and Andrew, please do more of this shit together. This vid was dope.

  14. it happens Says:

    @nini did you watch the riding or focus all of your attention on the interview?? Maybe you missed Raph back lipping an 18 foot pallet wall??

    @jigga that was probably the most stupid comment I’ve read on the world wide web… special effects? Really?

    Raph, pushing the limits once again! Congrats on rider of the year.

  15. OTT Says:

    DOPE!!! Team Work is the Best!! That was a sick set up! Congrats Raph and Shredtown way to extend the love branch!!

  16. g west Says:

    That was tight. Like a 15 ft high back lip fire cracker. Keep pushing wake in the right direction.

  17. ahhhhaa Says:

    they arent showing much emotion because they arent suck ups like most pro wakeboarders. They dont give a fuck about a certain image or representing a brand… all they do is wakeboard and thats how it should be

  18. nini Says:

    @ahhhhaa they’re suck ups like all the others, just doing what their sponsor are asking them to do. Wakeboarding should be all about shredding with friends and having fun.

  19. peter Says:

    trying to be cool in front of the camera, same thing as the wrist steeez, just puttin on a front to try and be hard. Im tired of it, Bring back old school scott stewart, back when he was good, he didnt front. you know who else doesnt front? the long dark haired delta rider, freakin rider of the century

  20. peter Says:

    had to look him up. kid shreds

  21. FlipDSK Says:

    I don’t know they don’t seem too pissed to me, they are probably just a little tired…
    Or really really baked lol.

    Let’s see more raph and shredtown edits, and if they need someone to do their bitch work I’m for hire lol.

  22. Charlton Says:

    RAPHY!!! why so exited?

  23. . Says:

    These guys need haircuts.


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