Every spring the Hyperlite Wakeboard crew gets together to ride our new Wakeboards, take some photos and film for videos. It’s always a blast, by far the best perk about having a tight Wakeboard team with many unique personalities. Trever Maur, our rising star on the west coast, always brings his camera gear and this is the result of his efforts, featuring Rusty Malinoski, Shaun Murray, Jimmy LaRiche, JD Webb, Brian Grubb, Nick Davies, Jacob Valdez, Scott Stewart, Clayton Underwood, Raimi Merritt, Mike Schwenne and even Trever himself. Notice how excited JD was with his new board, he didn’t even bother to remove the QC sticker on the base at first. Rusty and Trever have a magical GoPro set, Raimi stomps a solid off axis 7, Mike and Trever both bend their knees, JD does two flips in one and Stewart almost pays the piper.
Hope you enjoy & Thanks for watching,
Hyperlite Wakeboards
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