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The Slingshot team recently spent a few days in Orlando shooting for their 2013 product videos. Enjoy an edit from one of the mornings on Lake Maitland with riders Oli Derome, Dylan Miller, Jeff McKee and Corrie Dyer.

11 Responses to “2013 Slingshot Team Wake Product Shoot”

  1. bret nowell Says:

    Well Done Boys!!!!

  2. arnold Says:

    I heard those wooden boards are like cheating they give you so much extra pop off the wake… Is this true?

  3. fvckit Says:

    wooden boards have more flex which in my opinion make is more difficult to keep tension as you release off of the wake.. flex absorbes energy but i guess in theory you could use the releasing tension from the flex of the deck to help pop, not sure how much it would help but i do know that it nearly impossible to consistently time it, any truth to what i have experienced or am i all wrong @ shred town tech guys

  4. Steve Says:

    If you watched the video… It clearly looks like you get pop on a flex board. Slingshot has the best style!

  5. peter Says:

    how many different boards was Dylan on lol? Glad oliver cut his hair, starting to look like a norman person

  6. The Spangler Says:

    Oli @ 2:36 so sick (old Shaun Murray steez)!

  7. steve2 Says:

    i wanna see House ride!!

  8. Tommy J Says:

    Ive been taking sets on both my Vandall and my response. In my opinion, the flex or (“Future Response Technology”) gives you a defined snap of the wake. Almost feels like a blend between a skateboard Ollie and hitting a kicker on a Snowboard. In back to back sessions where I did the same two passes, I’m getting about a foot of extra height outta the slingshot. But it comes at a price. It is a bit less predictable. It’s not for everyone, but it seems to work for me.

  9. willywonka Says:

    “Be Different”…. Liquid Force’s is “Ride Different.”

    Originality at its finest

  10. hoho Says:

    Shredtown wasnt invited to shoot their own board and binding


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