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Slingshot was lucky enough to catch up with Keith recently and took a ride with him on his new 2014 pro Model. The man has still got it…Watch him in action and hear what he has to say about the completely re-designed 2014 Lyman Pro Model.

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8 Responses to “2014 Keith Lyman”

  1. Concerned Waker Says:

    Is it just me, or did he used to go out into the flats alot more?

  2. Bill Dance Says:

    Military training is a pretty good reason not to go out into the flats and blow a knee. Keith killin’ it as always – even only on spare time.

  3. Klay Says:

    He Stomps every trick he does!! he’s so fluid and looks sick behind the boat! Pumped that he got to come back and get a sick video to hold everyone over until he gets back

  4. Buddy Brett Says:

    Yea Keith! Still one of my favorites.

  5. bobby Says:

    The only “pro” with his own board who doesn’t actually ride professionally…
    Good to see him out riding again!

  6. AB Says:

    nothing bad can be said about this guy! legend status

  7. sixseven Says:

    Keith’s part in Butter Effect was the reason I started riding.

  8. bluegrass wake Says:

    Heel front to fakie, heel and toe melon 3s and the tail back one were so dope


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