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This is what a 40 minute set with Daniel Grant looks like. Enough said!

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11 Responses to “40 Minutes of Filming with Daniel Grant”

  1. dudes Says:

    This was sick when I saw it on Unleashed and Wakeboardin mag yesterday! haha

  2. f Says:

    the 25% of the edit that showed tricks was sick. the other 75% not so much

  3. jon Says:

    legit stalefish to legit method on the same damn jump, 5 foot ollies…i don’t think he’s doing the same sport as the rest of us.

  4. jon Says:

    I agree, in principle, with my imposter.

  5. W3StCOAsT Says:

    This is what cable riding should be. Back nose was ridiculous. Anyone that doesn’t like this edit should throw salt in their own eyes

  6. jon Says:

    I also agree with my imposter. I also agree with my impostors imposter.

  7. juju Says:

    stalefish to method?! soooo sick

  8. Tunes Says:

    stale-method was sick but that wrapped front 3 rewind wins the cake

  10. juju Says:

    yea that grab on the wrap 3 was nasty

  11. Ricky Says:

    Daniel Grant.. so hot right now


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