The BYOR 2.0 went off the last weekend in August up at Lake Tulloch Resort in Copperopolis, CA. This marked the second time this year Jerrod and the guys from the Nor Cal Hyperlite team held this little rail riding party. The format BYOR (bring your own rail) was a lot of fun with Jerrod bringing his custom built 33′ x 3′ x 3′ funbox, Al Marchiniak of ‘Spanky Beaver’ fame providing a shiny new kicker, transported by Mr Trey Wiles, and WSR’s very own Justin Fisher showed up with a truck bed full of Lumber and Trex and went to work on a 20′ bank rail.

All the riders had a great time sessioning the rails friday night, due to complications with the local law enforcement (apparently riding a ski at 20+ mph in the 5mph zone is frowned upon) The contest didn’t get up and running again until Saturday at 6 pm. We did an hour long jam session with the top four heading to the final ‘night jam’. Justin Fisher, Ryan Watkins, Trevor Kershaw, and Jason Porteur came out on top and advanced to the final where each rider would have three hits to throw down their best moves for the crowd. When all was said and done Trevor Kershaw came out on top with Jason, Ryan, and Justin rounding out the final respectively.

The real party went down in the bar that night where plenty of ‘not beer’ and Rockstar flavored libations were consumed by all while raffle prizes and the prize money were handed out. Fisher must have thought he was in town for a ‘coyote ugly’ audition the way he was dancing on the bar, and somehow both Jerrod and Justin wound up behind the bar serving out drinks to all the riders and fans. Watch your tab when wakeboarders are behind the bar!

This will mark the last BYOR at Lake Tulloch Resort. Next year look out for a new venue and more creative new features. Big thanks to Lake Tulloch resort for letting us get away with murder, Hyperlite, Rockstar, Alliance Wake, Launch Wakeboard School, and CB photography. A very special thanks to Justin Fisher, Al Marchiniak, Trey Wiles, Elliot and Cameron Brown, Ryan and Shawn Watkins, Trevor Kershaw, Jason Porteur, and Marcus Kistler. Without you guys this event would have never gone down!