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It’s friday which usually means nothing other than the fact that you’re going to do a half ass job at work, but today is going to be different.  Here’s something to channel your focus towards. Slingshot is giving away a free 140 cm Lyman Pro Model board to the user with the best caption for the photo above. Simply leave your entry in the comments section below. Something along the lines of noses and stiffy’s is a good start, but really push yourself this time, maybe even put in an hour after lunch to make sure you come away with the grand prize. Summer is on the way and your wit may just be enough to roll into summer with style on a 2012 Slingshot deck.


Remember, YOU MUST BE LOGGED IN THROUGH FACEBOOK TO BE ELIGIBLE TO WIN!! The winner will be announced monday afternoon @ 5 PM PST via twitter (@alliancewake).


Let the games begin…





94 Responses to “Friday Giveaway: Slingshot Lyman”

  1. John Ledford Says:

    I remember my first stiffy

  2. jandorf Says:

    how do you spell long dick? L O DICK

  3. Piddle Says:

    With all these gay stiffies, I’m starting to wonder if sling-shots a sexual reference .

  4. Scott Grant Says:

    HEAD, shoulders, indy, nose, indy, nose…

  5. Ryan Says:

    Yeah…..My stiffy’s bigger than yours

  7. Justin Harrelson Says:

    Scott G., That is a good one. Nice call.

  9. Daniel Springer Says:

    Seeing double, twice.

  10. Ale Pomata Says:

    this boys so stiff they can´t see pass their noses

  11. Wakeboard Church Says:

    Synchronized Wakeboarding…our only shot at becoming an Olympic sport.

  12. DFTR Josh Says:

    “CUT!!!” Rider number 3 for the 4th time, you have your board upside down!

  13. John Reisdorf Says:

    you gotta to be flexible to have a four way.

  14. BryanSwarm Says:


  15. Jeremy Scott Collyard Says:

    The four horseman of the slingpocalypse

  16. John Haile Says:

    Never feel iffy about a stiffy

  17. Corey Stahley Says:

    I grab my Moby Dick’s and poke my sitffy’s.

  18. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    Is Dale Jr. drving that Jetski?

  19. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    Who: Slingshot Team
    Where: Janky TX rail lake
    Pull: Dale, Jr.’s jacked up 1985 Silverado

  20. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    Rider #3 making a strong case for a wood-grain Power Ranger.

  21. Chris H Says:

    1 stiff, 2 stiff, red stiff, blue stiff

    -Dr. Lyman

  22. Mitch Bailey Says:

    Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads

  23. Kevin Michael Paramore Says:

    “Not matter the color of your board, Grab a Slingshot!” ms

  24. Brant Bower Says:


    (from Talladega Nights!)

  25. Miko Ratavaara Says:

    Slingin’ a couple of Shots!

  26. Cary Kalamajka Says:

    Slingshot: Leading the movement to include Synchronized Wakeboarding in the Olympics

  28. Dan Biser Says:

    Slingshot riders decided that a foursome is not just for golf, but still still appreciate a stiff grip!

  29. Jacob Baker Says:

    One, two, three, four…time to go slingshot hardcore!

  30. Buddy Brett Ramker Says:

    You know your riding a Slingshot when…

  31. Stewart Albert Says:

    Even a slingshot can give you a Stiffy.

  32. Mark Heger Says:

    5 feet of air, 4 riders, 3 ramps, 2 different grabs, 1 brand, 0 compromises.

  33. Zach Lambert Says:

    to Thrill to Chill

  34. Gareth Says:

    Riding a Slingshot will hit ya so hard not even Marty Mcfly could bring you back

  35. Gareth Potter Says:

    Riding a Slingshot will hit ya so hard not even Marty Mcfly could bring you back

  36. Brant Fisher Says:

    2 Indys + 2 noseys = a synchronized four way stiffy (good thing they’re being proactive and wearing helmets)!

  37. Paul Furth Says:

    In a sport of same ole…same ole…there is Slingshot to the rescue!

  38. the other luke Says:

    when in a slinshotshot foursome, make sure that you protect the head of your stiffy… where a helmet you sick perv

  39. Pdiddle Says:

    Its Just another time when you can say … Not enough roastbeef

  40. Fred savage Says:

    I don’t think red bull had this in mind when they had those ramps built !

  41. Blake Kelly Says:

    Your gonna wanna watch out for your stiffy when coming into such a jankady peace!

  42. Drew Weatherford Says:

    i would like to have a method before i go into a group of people all touching nose’s and stiffy’s….

  43. Gilder Hatchett Says:

    hippy jump contest….

  44. Patrick Karls Says:

    Ma’am?…we’ve got wood. But don’t worry, it’s flexible.

  45. Maxx Evan Says:

    Yea i grabbed that.

  46. Josh King Says:

    SLINGIN wood every direction

  47. Carl Sallway Says:

    Slingshot replace the SeaWorld Ski Show!

  48. cole c Says:

    We don’t grab tindy.

  49. Ryan Says:

    That’s a lot of poked out wood

  50. Carl Sallway Says:

    Awesome Foursome, Sticking it to the Man!!!!

  51. Travis Robinson Says:

    Why want wings, when you can get wood.

  52. Dakota Park Says:

    4 dudes, 1 trick.

  53. Matthotsauce Schrier Says:

    Cypress gardens ain’t got nothing

  54. Henrik Says:

    CUT!!! nice stiff guys, but please try to do YMCA I the air next time

  55. Justin peterson Says:

    Just another day at the office getting a stiffy

  56. Jeff Stoike Says:

    This is why I always wear a condom when I shred. More protection, more stoke.

  57. Alex Arnason Says:

    Slangin’ stiffy’s day in, day out.

  58. Jameson Says:

    Bart Simpson would be proud.

  59. Dennis Sawyer Says:

    ….and in rode the four boardsmen of the sling-pocalypse!!!

  60. Kim Bonacci-Polhamus Says:

    It’s Slingshot with the “showboat”, a GIANT stiffy.

  61. Andrew Vander Stoep Says:

    Look! Two ducks in a row. Where’s my slingshot!

  62. Andrew Vander Stoep Says:

    All new wakeboard border X on the deuce.

  63. Mike Rogers Says:


  64. Tyler Harwood Says:

    The Shifty Stiffies, a flying foursome of entertainment. Coming to a lake near you.

  65. Tyler Harwood Says:

    The Shifty Stiffies, a flying foursome of entertainment. Coming to a lake near you.

    Edit: thought I was logged in already

  66. Dave Miller Says:

    Slingshot attempted to reduce their carbon footprint by doing wakeboarding’s version of the carpool

  67. dalton Says:

    “Shreddin the Gnar”

  68. Mads Says:


  69. Aaron Fletcher Says:

    heroes in a half shell…turtle power!

  70. Matt Alsbury Says:

    Before Enlightenment; men chopped wood and carried water.
    After Enlightenment men strapped on a Slingshot and hit kickers on water!

  71. Henrik Glyholt Andersen Says:

    Forgot to login..
    CUT!!! nice stiff guys, but please try to do YMCA I the air next time

  72. Jeffrey Mile Says:

    Slingshot’s version of the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” bringing the final judgement on wack style…

  73. Jeffrey Mile Says:

    After this shoot all four riders went to chiropractors for stiff noses…

  74. Yanis Lmtdartgllry Says:

    The Wake-tastic Four !

  75. Jeffrey Mile Says:

    Slingshot rider’s providing a glimpse into the countrys new age Air Force but I don’t think even Lyman could convince these guys to cut their hair…

  76. Tracy Reece Says:

    My noses smell some stiffy competition!

  77. Andrew Vander Stoep Says:

    Over the hill came the four horseman of the slingshot apocalypse

  78. Koen van Zon Says:

    the four boardketeers are here to bring some flex to the pour!

  79. Justin Krumlauf Says:

    Original Stiffy Fest.

  80. Tony Dziatkiewicz Says:

    4 dudes together on a ramp? not there’s anything wrong with that!

  81. Ryan Says:

    brokeback wakeboarding

  82. Ben Blakesberg Says:

    4 guys and 1 kicker. I dont see anything wrong with that.

  83. Braden Ioi Says:

    hai mum!!1 o____O

  84. Matt Alsbury Says:

    Slingshot Nose Weapons of Stiff Destruction!
    The Alliance Slingshot Team in search of bringing Lyman back!

  85. Rustyn Perry Says:

    If I had this Slingshot here in Arkansas I might just be able to nail a “Hill Billy Donkey Flex With a 1/2 Corn Cob Basket” My Board I got no chance. Nose I got !!

  86. Andrew Vander Stoep Says:

    As if shot out of a slingshot from the planet Wake, the flying four return to earth to conquer all lakes, oceans, streams and rivers!

  87. Sam Shapiro Says:

    No matter how cold the water is, my Slingshot still gives me a stiffy!

  88. AllianceWakeboard Mag Says:

    Congratulations to John Haile with the winning caption! “never feel iffy about a stiffy.”

    Thanks to everyone for playing…

  89. John Goodchild Says:

    I’m throwing one in just because!

    Slingshot wood. Giving stiffys since 1999.

  90. Drew Heath Says:

    Itssss Boner Time!

  92. broskinoski Says:

    Stiffy’s….. More like broners…..Nosey broners

  93. John Haile Says:

    Awesome thanks!!! I’m so stoked right now. I emailed my address :)

  94. Efren Says:

    Uncovered your article extelmrey exciting certainly. I truly loved examining it and you simply make quite some very good details. I’ll bookmark this site with the long run! Relly great post.


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