Before I went in to the office today, I stopped by the store to grab a box of Cheez-its, my all time favorite snack. It was my lucky day … three boxes for only five bucks! White cheddar, jalapeño, original … whatever I wanted. They started calling my name as soon as I sat down at my desk. Meanwhile, Tony Smith was packing up his stuff to take off to the airport and head back to Florida. Bill asked me to take him and, nice intern I am, I said no problem. Plus he said if I kept track of my miles, he’d pay me back for gas. It was the perfect opportunity to get out of the office.

After I cleaned out my truck, Tony threw his stuff in the back seat along with my shoes and wakeboard, and we were off to get rid of him! (I say that in a totally nice way, we all love Tony, I’m just mad cause he gets to go to Florida and I don’t.) Nothing good was on the radio so Tony and I decided on Ashlee Simpson to rock out to, even though, we are both true Christina Agularia fans. We passed by a boat on the free way that seemed to be heading to Mission Bay. He gave me the idea that after I dropped him off, I should just go out by the dock and try to find someone to pick me up and go ride. This is why I always have my board in the back seat of my truck, in case ideas like this one arise.

So we pulled into Terminal 2, Tony hoped out of my truck and grabbed his suitcase, and told me to hit him up if I’m ever in Florida, which someday I might take him up on. Back on the freeway the Mission Bay exit was coming up. I started thinking, office or wakeboarding, office or wakeboarding? I had my bathing suit, wakeboard, ahhh … I didn’t have board shorts. I can’t ride without board shorts and despise girls who do. The decision was made. Back to the office, but from now on, I’m keeping board shorts and a box of Cheez-its stashed in my truck.