Duders…and ettes…7.9 IS OUT YOU NO GOOD PIECE A’ WHAT!!!!!

That’s right, it’s out, and all covered in blue and green and Collin Harrington. I’m sure his sponsors will be happy since it happens to be the Surf Expo issue. “Do you know who the hell I am? I’m on the cover, mother!”

In this issue Aaron Reed says farewell to his column “Reason,” but don’t worry, the torch is being passed to the one and only… actually I’m not allowed to say, you’ll have to wait and find out for yourself.

In Issue 7.9 you can also take a trip to Ireland with the Supra team as they bathe in the scorching sun that Ireland knows all too well. There are some great sequences in the article, and just as you do, all the riders look totally buff and manly in their full wetsuits.

Turn the page and you’ll find the List 2007. The good, bad, and ugly are all there…Rusty Malinoski made the list this year, and so did farting on planes?

You can also get an update on the homeless wakeskate entourage led by Kyle Walton. Those guys build the most secure and durable rails out there, just check the photos.

Matt Maloy shares some of his favorite images in “Photo Essay,” and the issue winds down with the first annual Boat Covering Championships and coverage of the Toe Jam stop #2 held at the Texas Ski Ranch. CHECK IT!