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Christmas is approaching faster than a bowel movement after your favorite spicy Mexican dinner… Have you even decided what it is that you really want? What does your mom want and why is she so hard to buy for? There are too many questions to ask yourselves as you stare at the Sham-Wows and Slap Chops on mall shelves everywhere. For this reason we thought it may be helpful to throw out a few ideas that the pros have in mind to see if it sparks anything on your end… Let us know. Good luck, enjoy, ho-ho-ho, and Merry Christmas.


Andrew Pastura:

An energy drink sponsor and a couple of those G23’s… haha.


Randall Harris:

All I want for Christmas is all the original Guns N’ Roses band
members to get back together, make an album, and take me on tour with


Bob Soven:

A new carburetor for my 15 HP outboard engine so I can get the Jon boat running again! Also, I could use a new tennis racket, preferably a John McEnroe signature series.



Bob’s late night prowl is quite a bit different from his brother’s or Watson’s, that’s for sure…


Oli Derome:

All I want for Christmas is you!


Harley Clifford:

Loads of Hawaiian shirts!


Dylan Miller:

A Milwaukee cordless tool set and a pony.


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If anyone has an extra one of these email 


Josh Zentmeyer:

A pallet of concrete and a concrete mixer!


Shane Bonifay:

I would like to go on a date with one of three retired female pro riders: Lauren Loe, Sara Cline, or Farrah Dawson

I also would like a “2013 Rider of the Year” title from Alliance

And a giant slingshot, some pigs, and a bunch of chickens to play real life Angry Birds

Twizzlers. This one is not hard to get, I just never have them when I want them.

iPhone 5. Again, not hard to get, just expensive since I’m not eligible for an upgrade yet.


Adam Errington:

I’d really like my own skydive rig.


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Sharing in the air can sometimes be tough, so it’s best if everyone has their own rigs…


Parks Bonifay:

I’m still asking for a hover board. Every year I keep asking and still no hover board. It’s cool though, I do appreciate my mom for really trying to make it happen when I was little!


Andrew Adams:

Salomon Salomonder 151 Snowboard, Apple TV, and cash for rails.


Melissa Marquardt:

I would like a hot boyfriend and a new boat please!


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Melissa attached a photo of her ideal boyfriend but it wouldn’t read, so we went ahead and found one of our own, which we’re sure is right up her alley.


Aaron Reed:

A drum sander and the flux capacitor…What up PB!


Jeff McKee:

A new 2-to-1 exhaust kit for my motorcycle and a roof rack for the whip. An then of course there’s my new Nautique G23 coming mid January!