August 19th, 2013 by Spencer Norris

I started this project a year ago with large intentions. Aaron Rathy and I had an elaborate story board, and covered all the bases as far as wakeboarding goes. Then my hard drive internally combusted and a years worth of footage was lost. It was a blow to the heart for the both of us and quite possibly the worst day of my career. This video represent the few pieces we were able to put back together. Thank you to Rathy for being a champion through this whole ordeal and showing me what it is to have true passion towards the sport you love.

25 Responses to “Aaron Rathy: The Tribute”

  1. what Says:

    bad song choice

  3. chad Says:

    You gotta backup those files… Awesome you still got a great part out of it. You can’t help but wonder how mind blowing it would have been without the hard drive crash.

  4. That guy Says:

    So dope!!!

  6. Rob Russell Says:

    So sick Spencer, killin it.

  7. bokdoos Says:

    If you’re a “professional” shooter how can you not have multiple backups of your files??
    Rad song choice and sick riding. I’m sure the ladies will appreciate Rathy showing off his abs in a few shots.

  8. hmm Says:

    Sweet video guys. I love dudes.

  9. sickness Says:

    I know he did it a few years ago. but that osmosis 7 was one of the sickest things I have ever seen

  10. Dunagin Says:

    So now that Rathy is sponsored by Master Craft, we’ll see him riding behind nothing but Correct Craft boats. Rathy, king of wake*dom, idiot of boat sponsor*dom.

  11. Steve Gould Says:

    osmosis seven off of double is the coolest trick

  12. Christopher Dunkley Says:

    Great riding! Liked the edit. Not a fan of the song choice. Definitely want to see more riding…Rathy video parts have dropped off the map…

  13. chad Says:

    That method T2B is everything wakeboarding should be.

  14. marc Says:

    video of the year ? Rathy or Kaeson

  15. Dope Says:

    Sick boys!

  16. James Says:

    This is why I hate the waleboarding community. Sick riding Aaron and great filming guys. Can’t stand the poser comments though. Keep it up!! Aaron get on a wakeskate and do some filming. Just saying…

  17. Andrew 'Club' Ingram Says:

    now thats fucking wakeboarding

  18. W3ST SID3 Says:

    Perfect choice of a song, finally somethin different. Such sick riding with a bad ass edit

  19. Zak Says:

    Great edit! Perfect song. these kids need a history lesson.

  20. Brad Says:

    As far as I know Rathy isn’t sponsored by Mastercraft. The Oakley Team boat is a Mastercraft and is kept at his place. So he pretty much has it at his disposal!

  21. RG3 Says:

    Absolutely awesome video and Rathy is a pimp. More magazine covers of him.

  22. Ryan Says:

    Incredible riding and finally a proper song!

  23. Miles Says:

    Killin’ it! Switch 9 was filthy at the end..?! Everything is so perfect about this video, but yes I agree WEAR A LIFEVEST!

  24. Steve Gould Says:

    riding the ar-1 this weekend

  25. Sergio Guerra Says:

    I think the song is great as the video.


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