Stefan Vollert representing for Germany

Abu Dhabi…. Not really the place that comes to mind when you say “wakeboarding” is it? Do you even know where it is? … Google it. Its in the Middle East on the Persian Gulf, part of the U.A.E.. For all practical purposes this is a part of the world that Americans shy away from these days. It is really just a desert, no natural reason to want to be there, similar to Vegas. Except it is THE natural resource that has made these countries wildly wealthy and in their effort to plan ahead for when said natural resource runs out, they are building world class attractions, hotels and infrastructure to draw tourists from around the globe. In their quest to do this the Sheik has, quite fortunately for all of us, built he Al Forsan International Sports Resort. Amongst world class facilities for go carts, shooting, archery, equestrian and paintball, there is one of the nicest cable wake park facilities in the world. The facility has two lakes which are both filled with drinking quality water and filtered with an elaborate filtering system every day. Add to this that the people are truly amazing – friendly, they all speak English and want to speak English, they love wakeboarding and Western culture in general – and the food is actually good and everything is reasonably priced for the incredible quality.

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The WWA Wake Park Word Championships are going to be returning to Abu Dhabi and Al Forsan next year. So if you are in the neighborhood or have a few days to kill, come down, you will be happy you did.