Today we spoke with Adam Errington to get the scoop on what one of Ronix's top team riders was up to. In the midst of packing for a trip to England for the holidays, Adam took a break and shared with us a few of his favorite moments in 2008. Heres what he had to say.

ALLIANCE – Adam, how's 2008 treated you?

ADAM ERRINGTON – I think 2008 was awesome for me, I had so much fun. Probably the most fun I've ever had wakeboarding was done this year. I traveled to so many different places and took part in so many different events and had a really good time. A few events that really stood out to me was Red Bull's Wake Lab in Orlando, definitely a huge thing for wakeboarding. I think it completely changed the competitive scene and brought it to the public firsthand, so that was really fun.

I also got to go up to Canada and slide some icebergs with Parks Bonifay and film for his documentary so that was definitely a unique opportunity. I don't think that's been done before, so we got to go document it and that was really fun.

A – How was Canada? Give me some details on sliding ice.

AE – Yeah, it was pretty insane! When Red Bull called me and said, "Hey we've got this connection in Newfoundland, Canada and we want you to go up and play on some icebergs". At first I really didn't think that it would work. It wasn't really something that I was dying to do but we got some dry suits from Performance and got all outfitted with the right gear.

Our first day when we went to check out the first icebergs the ocean was super rough and we're thinking, "there's no way it's hittable". We then motored into this cove and there, floating, was this huge iceberg. So perfect, it looked fake. It looked like someone carved it like a quarter-pipe, super smooth for sliding with a perfect bank starting at the waterline. Parks and I spent a full day just hitting that one iceberg and we had a blast.

The next day Josh Sanders met us out and we went to an even bigger iceberg than the first day. Unfortunately only Josh and I just got to hit it. Parks was just about to start sessioning when the iceberg started roll and break apart making sliding super dangerous. We still did some drive-by's and spray shots next to it. It was pretty big, but it was also insane.

A – It sounds insane! So how was Wakestock UK?

AE – That was such a fun event, I don't think they have anything like that in the States as far as having a music festival and wakeboard demo. They had some of the top bands in Europe playing which brought hundreds of thousands of people who camped-out just for the event. At first weather was bad but they didn't care, it was a total party scene. People just hung out, listened to all the bands while the rail demo went down right in the middle of the venue. Aaron Rathy, Danny Thollander, and myself represented North America and the three of us all ended up on the podium.

A – Right on, sounds like a successful party…I mean a successful trip. Besides those 2 trips, what else have you been getting into?

AE – I'm definitely still traveling a bunch doing demos and trying to fit everything in. It's crazy how much stuff is going on at once. During the summer it gets pretty hectic, but it's a blast. I wouldn't give it up for anything!

A – Sounds like you have your schedule pretty straight. What top secret missions do you have going on in 2009?

AE – The first thing I have is the entire Nike 6.0 Team is going to the Philippines to ride the cable park which should be pretty cool. We're going to get some photo stuff in the books and hang out. I haven't been there yet so I'm really looking forward to that trip. I've heard so many good things about that place and I've seen all photos and videos from your site so I'm really excited.

A – Well thanks Adam for catching up with us here at Alliance. Good luck going into the next year. Have fun in England and happy holidays.