November 5th, 2013 by Spencer Norris

There is a time to chill and a time to kill. Adam Errington knows how to do both.

24 Responses to “Adam Errington”

  1. chad Says:

    That gap to back lip at 1.00 is insane.

  2. Vinny Armentano Says:

    Usually I hate Mondays but this made the whole day better!
    Between this, the Dominik Hernler edit and the other lake Ronix video it seems like the caliber of riding there is really high and the creative juices are flowing, can’t wait to see more. Great edit Adam!

  6. Zak Stone Says:

    Sick shredding Adam.

  7. Alex Graydon Says:

    Nice riding Adam. Keep it coming.

  8. Ian Smith Says:

    haha yeaaa sick edit and solid riding! lovin the tropical vibe

  9. Pete Says:

    Wow, never remember him going so big! Loved the double grab back on behind the boat. The toe 7 and 3 revert 180 behind the boat were both out into the flats! That was awesome. Kill kill kill. Re-Newed favorite rider.

  10. Bobby Says:

    How come hes riding a G23 and not the new tige?

  11. Novapull Says:

    Great edit, that fall looked so epic, luckly didn’t break/tear anything on it.

  12. Justin H. Says:

    Holy Backlip! that had some serious SPLAT potential.

    Some of the best mix of wake and park that I have ever seen in a section.

  13. Barry Mycocener Says:

    Bobby if you were smart you could answer that your self. If you noticed they tried keeping the G23 out of every shot. Pros ride with other pros and they are not all sponsored by the same boat company. Plus it helps to train behind all boats for the different competitions. Great Riding adam

  14. denis Says:

    stomped toe back 9, bravo

  15. steve g Says:

    back lip was insane

  16. DudeBrah Says:

    Sick edit! I gotta call it before the haters do though… Clearly missed grab at 1:48…

  17. tige Says:

    how come he isn’t riding behind the new tige ASR?

  18. Real talk Says:

    ^^^ why would he? Nothing comes close to the wake of the G, so why waste his time behind something else?

  19. Skinny Pete Says:

    AB^^3:07 for sure. That stepup/down deal they’ve got going on is ridiculous. I like how they’re unveiling sections of the park with each edit they’ve (ronix) put out. Place is looking tight, yo.

  20. bluegrass wake Says:

    such a dope video except 2 kicker hits at Odub at 2:18. Id rather see one less 180 then spinning it halfway up the kicker, granted toe back spinning is very hard.

  21. Caleb Fauntleroy aka murda Says:

    Shuper shick edit brahs, but since the rest of the world hates more than compliments these vids, pro riders should be the most picky bout their tricks, didnt anybody ready andrew pastura’s interview in the last WSM?! but those fully grabbed rewinds were boss no doubt.

  22. Justin Says:

    Where are the Nose Presses? It’s hard to watch this when you just finished watching Kaesen Suyderhoud’s edit.

  23. ummm Says:

    most everything was chill but i feel like im the only person that thinks landing flat on your back on the water is a fall? just cus u have a handle that will drag u back up doesnt still count. landing with a hand drag doesnt even count to snowboarders sooo why are we still calling deep water starts landings? can we all stop being lazy and just actually land it the next lap or at the very least dont put it in a video until we get it clean.. no hate adam shreds and im saying this just cus i know hes talented enough to land that toe back 9 cleaner

  24. ummm Says:

    torstein horgmo did the first effing TRIPLE cork in the xgames big air and won and he even said it looked “pretty gay” on stage just cus he hand dragged out of it.. thats the kind of critique that needs to go into wakeboarding, we have a handle to make it even easier for god sake!!


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