April 3rd, 2013 by Alliancewake.com Spencer Norris

Quicky with Adam Fields from Alliance Wakeboard Magazine on Vimeo.

We were able to make it with Adam FIelds while he was in town for a quick photo sesh.

28 Responses to “Adam Fields Snaps”

  1. Dylan Mitchell Says:

    Sick Adam!

  2. John Says:

    Man, that toe tail grab front was sick!

  3. illtypemoves Says:

    aaaahhhh!! yeeaaah adam you never dissapoint! looking forward to everything you got planned this summer at gaston!!

  4. illtypemoves Says:

    song name too?!

  5. illtypemoves Says:

    mister little jeans, found it, rescue song.

  6. cam Says:

    Adam is a good dude! Oh yeah and a sick rider!!!

  7. Tim Walters Says:

    That was happy.

  8. hecks Says:

    finally some stylish boat riding! and none of this repetitive contest crap

    sick job Adam

  9. Steve Jobs Says:

    Awesome riding ! and please dude get shazam and stop asking for tunes on every edit


  10. JD Webb Says:

    Sick riding Adam always fun to watch!!

  11. illtypemoves Says:

    not everyone has an iphone. i had to search what shazam was

  12. T-dog Says:

    one of the most under-rated riders in wakeboarding today. So sick.

  13. P.K. Says:

    this guys done more for wakeboarding in the lives of families and kids than all other “pros” combined have done for their fans. literally the sickest riding on the east coast, hands down. he gave me a one hour lesson 3 years ago, teaching nothing but fundamentals and great boat driving techniques. adam youre a huge inspiration to more people than you can probably even dare to count, we all love you and everything you’ve done for such a creative activity.

  14. vic Says:

    Smooth daddy adam!

  15. K8M Says:

    Adam, you’re so hot!

  16. Alli Says:

    Kate, I didn’t know your boy was such a badass! Such a cool video – makes me want to come hang out at the lake!

  17. bro Says:

    front to fakie rewind is dope

  18. pointless Says:

    soooo siiiick adam

  19. D Heath Says:

    Adam you are a great rider and friend. I love to see you name on the front page of Alliance because you deserve it! Keep pushing!

  20. Amanda Says:

    Love this video! Love watching you ride.

  21. Shawn Says:

    Mind blowing to see Adams consistency and dedication to the sport of wake boarding for the past 15 years. His style is a true inspiration, love to see him throw down behind a boat!

  22. Adam Fields Says:

    Thank you so much everyone, for all the kind comments!! Wakeboarding is great and I plan to keep working hard to introduce the sport to more people.

    Thanks to Spencer and Alliance for allowing me the spotlight and for putting together such a sweet video! Song is awesome!!

  23. Justin H. Says:

    It was nice to read a string of comments with good vibes!

    Don’t know Adam personally, but obviously a cool-cat. Great video too.

  24. Northeast RIders Says:

    #wakethenortheast Adam. #sick riding

  25. Rickard Says:

    Clean riding as always. Adam you are an inspiration for us all!

  26. Lewis Fields Says:

    Doozie Boat Lifts from The Boat Lift Store, Inc, proud to be a sponsor of Adam Fields and AF Wake. Been watching Adam wakeboarding for 15 years and still amazed at what he can do.

  27. Sean Says:

    Wow! Sweeeeet video! Adam’s a great rider and an even better person. Wishing him much continued success!

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