May 25th, 2010 by Patrick Wieland
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Take a little set with Scott Stewart.

Take a little set with Scott Stewart.

22 Responses to “Afternoon Delight: Scott Stewart”

  1. Gerritt Says:

    Nice! Keep em comin!

  2. Mike Barrett Says:

    that thing should have been way longer. more scott

  3. Wes Jenks Says:

    Wrapped 7 nice! Lofty and tech looks like the LF is working I want one…

  4. Derek Dyer Says:

    Yeah! Nice video! Wish it was longer and more riding but very nice!!

  5. Katelyn Says:

    Scotty you look awesome!!! Go big or go home!!! will you marry me? lol

  6. Zach Winch Says:

    the kids durrty, and seems to have bird bones…

  7. Edwin Kerkhoven Says:

    hey scott looking awsome!!!! keeep killing it bro!!! you are the next big thing!!

  8. Tony Beaumont Says:

    Looking good Scott!

  9. Jason Heintz Says:

    That was sick. Wes J told me all about you. We’re a bunch of CT River guys and that right there is awesome. The trick at + :50 is insane.

  10. Alex Czajkowski Says:

    Yo BUH BUH ! boostin in the flats all day! nice shredding

  11. Astrid G. Durini Castens Says:

    I think you did great, I agree that it should have been longer but you did an awesome job as always Scott!!!!! :D

  12. Alex Christensen Says:

    Killed it with that wrapped 7…. Neyce Scott!

  13. bubs Says:

    wats song name?

  14. Sean Says:

    That was a fresh edit Pat, well done

  15. Tank Says:

    For some reason a lot of it was blurry for me, but sick riding!

  16. Michele Says:

    Scott … we love you! You go boy!

  17. chris T. Says:

    sick vid mad talent!!

  18. Dan Eytcheson Says:


  19. David Papa Says:

    Scott! You’re killin it man! Everything is lookin Super smoooth-

  20. ryan wills Says:

    I’ve seen this dude ride in real life, and when he is on, there is no one who is more entertaining to watch! Explosive and every trick in the book! Keep it up!

  21. Tommy Says:

    More more more! This guy is great,

  22. kyle g Says:

    every trick so big!!! gota love the malibu wake!!


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