February 7th, 2013 by alliance

Spent a couple afternoons in Clermont,FL filming with Kyle Rattray behind his new Nautique G25.

21 Responses to “Afternoon with Kyle Rattray”

  1. Wrapitup Says:

    Dudes got old man style.. Prob time to start selling insurance

  2. WakeFan Says:

    Dudes got style. Period.

  3. jewknow Says:

    haters goin to hate

  4. bonerlbonert Says:

    Finally, a video with tricks I’ve seen a million times before. Repetition gets boring. Learn some new shit.

  5. brah Says:

    should have started selling insurance along time ago……

  6. gohard Says:

    dude is sponsored by the best companies in the biz and does what he loves for a living. somebody sees something in him. props kyle

  7. Colin Says:

    Old man style must mean super smooth. I want some old man style! Nice riding and vid. Thanks alliance for putting out videos nearly everyday for us polar bears up north phenin for some waterboarding.

  8. Steve Says:

    such a sick wrap toe backroll was so legit

  9. Steve Says:

    Wrap toe backroll to rewind, if that tricks old man style I want to be balls deep in old women. Certified bad ass

  10. Jamie Says:

    ^ hahah x2

  11. dmnd Says:

    1:28 Boss. Style for days Kyle. #falcontits

  12. Jim Powers Says:

    Great riding….by any standard!

  13. Haze Says:

    “Old Man Style”. This guy kills it. I wish I had 1/100th of his style. Keyboard Warriors are hilarious.

  14. Jamie Graff Says:

    Style for miles. The wrapped TS Roll rewind or wrapped Pete whatever it was, was freaking dirty! Love it Kyle.

  15. Jake Says:

    A couple of decent tricks, but why the funk does this guy get a new Nautique? Retarded how far being friends with some people will get you.

  16. Stapper Says:

    Riding ability is only a portion of what gets a guy good sponsors. If you ever met Kyle you’d know exactly why he’s sponsored at the level he is. Legit all the way aroud.

  17. Nice Says:

    The man gets a new Nautique because he clearly has the skills on his board to impress the kids, and from everything I’ve ever seen or read about him, the skills to get mom and dad to shell out 130k to buy a new Nautique. Very few ever make a lasting career out of riding; the ones that get to make a life out of it are the ones that understand they have to generate revenue for their sponsors. Besides, that wrapped pete’ish thing he does at 1:30 is pretty sick.

  18. san210rider Says:

    dont hate the player, hate the game.

  19. retards Says:

    Its called a wrapped b/s 180 to rewind you retards.

  20. watson Says:

    yeaaaa thats a wrapped toe off back one. not a wrapped backroll..

  21. Ryan Says:

    You freaking turds are making wakeboarders look like douche bags. That was a good edit! Old man style? Where is you video? Where are your sponsors? Pretty sure he teaches at the best wakeschool period. He knows his shit. His riding shows


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