Wakesurfing Champion James Walker & AGENDA set out to design a wakesurf pad set that would give riders options,performance and true pro level feel to any board. The James Walker Pro Pad set uses our exclusive “Triple Traction” a Tri-Directional CNC machine cut groove pattern that creates amazing hold for any rider level. James designed the front and rear surface areas for reduced weight with front & rear side panels perforations “Wings” to either reduce pad width to fit smaller boards or to extend traction coverage for wider boards. James also tapered the kick tail ramp and lengthened the pad set for ultimate customization. Center Arch bars featuring “ Monkey Grip” Holes for extra hold come in Two Heights 10mm for riders that love the support and feel of a high arch bar and 5mm for riders who prefer less arch. We also added a higher kick tail ramp to help lock in for those big airs. Made in USA with the highest quality 3M Adhesives the James Walker Signature Series delivers upgrades any rider can appreciate.


• James Walker Designed.

• Universal Fit.

• “Triple Traction” Tri Directional CNC machine cut groove pattern.

• Perforated “Wings” for Pad width reduction or Pad width increase.

• Set includes 10mm tall arch bar and 5mm arch bar.

• Extra tall 30mm kick tail Ramp.

• 3M 468 Marine PSA Adhesive.

• Made In USA.

See more at: http://agendasurf.com/shop/wakesurf/complete-traction-sets/james-walker-signature-set-triple-traction.html