At Alliance it's our job to keep you up to date with the hottest news in the industry and this week it just so happens to be aggressive kneeboarding. We had the chance to catch up with Tom Fooshee, Cody Johnson and Roland Keller at the Texas Ski Ranch earlier in the week and witness the  revival of kneeboarding firsthand. These guys have been taking private afterhours kneeboard sessions for the past month or so learning all sorts of new progressive moves like rooftop rail slides, method grabs, and rumor has it that Cody Johnson is even hitting "back to front" rolls off of the kickers.


Yes this is all god and fun but the real story begins when these riders take their moves out of the cable parks and into the rivers. That's exactly what Roland Keller did during our visit to Texas. We visited a waterfall drop that was about 7 feet in height where Roland had planned to take his kneeboarding to the next level. We were all a bit nervous for him but for the sake of progression we kept our mouths shut and eyes wide open…The result; probably the sickest sequence kneeboarding has ever seen. While Roland didn't exactly ride away from the 360 he did in fact land a straight air and definitely gave the landing hell on this 360 (which was his first attempt). 

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