Gator boards, a Florida based company, is proud to announce the return of AJ Racinelli to the Elite Gator Team. AJ, originally from Canyon Lake California, rode for us a few years ago on our National team and back then we always knew he would be one of the greats to watch in the years to come. With evolving trends within the industry, sometimes individuals have to make decisions and AJ had moved on.  Within time, AJ missed riding on team Gator and with close West Coast friends and teammates, Randall Harris and Ricky Gonzalez. So at the end of last year, AJ was to make another decision and this one was easy for AJ; To be back riding with the mentors he grow up with and to ride for a company that stands behind him.  AJ was more than happy to come back to Team Gator. We are very excited to have AJ back with our family and we wish to say; “Welcome Home AJ’.  

 “If Gator Boards was Death row Records then I would be Tupac and AJ would be Kurupt.  For y'all who aren't in the know, Kurupt was the young cat that came along and whooped everybody's butt at freestylin’ and battle rappin’.  AJ just won the 2007 Junior Men Pro Tour and that's just the beginning.  With a serious arsenal of tricks under his belt, amazing consistency and a splash of west coast flavor AJ is a major threat.   We are all proud to have AJ at Gator Boards where he belongs.  Keep em peeled for what this young blood and GB are going to accomplish in the near future.”  ~VANDALL

 AJ’s says, “I am excited to be a part of the Gator Family Again. It has been cool being back in California and riding with Randall, he is a great mentor and I respect him and his riding. I am training hard on Rails and looking forward to seeing what the new season has in store for me.  The Gator Family has always been there and supportive of me throughout the years and it is great to be able to be back and riding for the GB Team”.

 “AJ Racinelli’s 2007 season was one for the record books. After winning the first 3 PWT Junior X Series stops and a 5th place in the 5th stop, he locked down the series season Championship for the year and then roped in a 3rd place at the world Championship and took a final victory for the year at the TIGA Pro-Am . With his ambition and a trick list like Whirly 540, heal side 720, Melon Back Mobe, and Toe side 900’s and still another year on the Junior X Series before he rides in the Pro division, you will definitely see more of AJ on the podium and he will be one to watch in for years to come.”
~Troy Flick, Gator Team Manager