Lets start from the top…Keith Lyman is almost back…after a minor set back that came in the form of a seperated shoulder, Lyman has been in the gym ever since and about ready to shred. Apparently he's been on a crash diet eating nothing but cottage cheese which supposedly helps with joint flexibility. O.K. not really. but he is almost back o the water.

Next up, today I landed my first switch toeside wake jump ever…totally embarrassing but true. I guess I just never bothered, but it's really hard. Try it next time you shred.
Finally, N>A>R>L>A is really coming out. We're heading to Miami tomorrow night fo the premier party thats happening somewhere in the city where the heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of dawn. I'm not really sure where or when exactly, but I do know that everyone will be wearing open button down shirts and sunglasses in the dark. That' just how gnarly NARLA people are… beware.