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Alright kids, voting begins on the first leg of the Alliance Battle Royale. We’re gonna start with the Method, which means you wakeskaters get at least a few more days to send in your best poke. (we won’t start it ’til this one ends) It’s simple. Watch the videos, pick the one you think is the best version of a method, and whoever has the most votes at 5 pm PST on Nov. 20, 2009 wins a rope and handle package from Straight Line. Good luck guys!

Conor Bayuk

Alan Fletcher

Clay Martin

Which Method is the best?

  • Alan Fletcher (55%, 451 Votes)
  • Clay Martin (41%, 336 Votes)
  • Conor Bayuk (4%, 37 Votes)

Total Voters: 824

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39 Responses to “Alliance Battle Royale: Best Method”

  1. neato gang Says:

    the guy with the method bs 180 better not win…the competition was method grab, not method variation. Yes its a sick trick, but you gotta follow the rules!

  2. Clay Martin Says:

    I asked if it was cool. They used it. I am sorry you dont feel the same way. Good luck to everyone in the contest all the Method’s are sick!

  3. Rob Mendieta Says:

    Clay Martin is one of the sickest riders on the East Coast. Always a great time in the boat with him riding! Voting for him for sure!

  4. Conor Bayuk Says:

    Well my hat’s off to you two haha keep shreddin!

  5. downw/whackboarders Says:

    clay that was very well done, you got my vote

  6. rob Says:

    im gonna have to say that style is all about taking a trick to extremes and in my mind although clays was more technical and well executed. style points go to alan for taking the trick aboslutley huge!

  7. whoahboy Says:

    The method 180 was way stylish and way legit, but i agree with the guy who said its a method grab contest, not a method variation contest. You can’t just turn these things into a best trick contest, it has to be the most well executed version of one trick.

  8. Steve Says:

    My vote is fo the guy that did it to blind. Even tho he did land bind his grab was tweaked all the way towards the boat before he went blind. Alliance chose these so they must have felt it wasok. Wish they woulda chose mine.

  9. Iceman Says:

    My vote goes to Clay. He did it real legit, completely tweaked towards the boat. That was Wide Open.

  10. Teleprompted Anthems Says:

    Not only was it super legit, Clay’s method deserves the win based on color coordination alone. Look at how the trunks match the board; that’s style in its purest form, people. It’s the perfect visual supplement to a lovely Autumn afternoon. Vote for Clay: he represents hope, change, and aesthetically pleasing color combinations.

  11. Ta-bone Says:

    well then what about the double up??? how can you compare a double up method to a standard method? it’s a grey area…

  12. John Haile Says:

    They were all well done, but I’m going to have to go with the method to blind.

    I didn’t see any rules saying someone couldn’t do a method 900.

  13. Iceman Says:

    Clay is pretty well color coordinated, thats wide open

  14. nick pettis Says:

    that alan kid followed the rules and his was huge. if it was based on color coordination, it would be a art contest not method. you’ll get them next time conor. my vote goes to alan

  15. EDGAR PEREZ Says:

    GO ATL !!.. Alan Fletcher is wide open !!! .. and he have the best bloody hell Method grab !!

  16. Cooper Says:

    My vote goes to Alan!

  17. collin harrington Says:

    lets step it up a little on the methods. Grab, then poke, then hold longer, then land. not bad, but you can do better.

  18. Teleprompted Anthems Says:

    Well, okay then.

  19. Ice T Says:

    Maybe you should do the method grab with the same hand you have on the handle then, thumbs down. Epic fail on being a positive influence as a pro rider.

  20. setxwake Says:

    I dont think collin was out of line….those first two definately could have been grabbed longer and tweaked toward the boat more

  21. wakerider Says:

    yeah, but the two who didnt go to blind clearly are not going to have it tweaked as much as the third guy, because neither of them went to blind. i agree they could be held longer, however dont hate on the tweaking of the first two, since they didnt go to blind!

  22. collin harrington Says:

    Sorry if i came off a bit harsh on the last comment. Dont take me wrong here. I’m not bagging on them and being negative. Methods are actually a tough trick. These methods are better than some pro riders can do. I’m just trying to encourage people to put some time into it and get one that really feels good. I can go a week and not do one method that I like. You can do the same trick 30 times and there will only be a couple where your like” ya, that one felt right.” Thats why it takes a year to make a 3 minute video section.
    As far as the handle method comment. I did them the normal way for years. I just personally enjoy doing them like i do because i can poke them harder and they feel better to me. If you do something that feels good then do it. Make it your own. There is no wrong way to do anything.
    Keep the battles going. I want in on one.

  23. Cam Says:

    I have to disagree. It is actually harder to tweak the method to blind because you have to let go of the grab to grab the handle to pull to blind. I voted on the grab it shouldnt matter if it was off the double up or taken to blind the Grab is what counts in this situation.

  24. RJ Says:

    Where is Greg Nelson on this?
    double up wakeboards R.I.P

  25. whoahboy Says:

    the method to blind is definitely harder, however, just not sure if it should be allowed for the sake of the contest (Even though apparently alliance thinks so since they posted it) Its just the whole slippery slope argument like where does it stop? say you allow the bs 180 and it wins, well then shoot someone should have done a big method roll, cause that might have won, or maybe a big method fs 3 bob sichel style. at any rate, Im a fan of all the tricks, but maybe some more regulations are in order for the next one :)

  26. collin harrington Says:

    This is the first battle so i’m sure rules will work themselves out as they go on. I like the idea of these though. I think we should do a pro and am battle on each one. As this one is though, my vote is leaning between Alan and Clay. Conor started off good but let the grab go a bit early. Clays was good. A meth bs 180 is hard. But this is for best method. Clays was a little more steezy and i bet if he didnt go to blind he woulda poked it more. So my vote goes to Alan for the fact he gave a little extra poke on it. Its kinda hard to see from far away though.

  27. Alan Fletcher Says:

    Hey guys, thanks for the support! And Collin, yes it should have been zoomed in more, and definitely held longer! I had this clip from riding the other day, and one of my non-riding buddies was filming, so I couldnt be picky! But good luck to everyone, and I think all of them were really good!

  28. Grandler Says:

    collin i cant believe people ripped on the grandle, they open up wakeboarding to so much more…

    i think next battle should be on best grandle, can be any grab, method grandles are sick but so are nose grandles. GRANDLE PASSES TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE!

  29. Justin Fletcher Says:

    see i dont think that alans method should have been a closer shot. then you wouldnt get the full flavor of what he was putting on the table… plus have you ever tried to film a double up that close from the boat… it doesnt happen often. clay and conor you did very well. you beat everyone else who entered, but my vote goes to alan. KEEPIN (AWAKE) ALIVE!

  30. Fletch Says:

    yo justin, sorry i forgot you filmed it! haha and i totally understand what you are saying. lord knows i cant film to save my life, so thank you for the video! if it wasnt for you, i wouldnt have even had a clip to post on here. (AWAKE)!

  31. Justin Fletcher Says:

    i wish we knew about this beforehand because there could have been some sick methods on here from the fletchers

  33. wakerider Says:

    @ Collin Harrington: Check this link of Alan Fletcher doing a wake to wake method, its legit! Trick is at 1:47 and played again after it!

  34. James Berti Says:

    If that is really Collin, come on man…Be a little more positive and supportive. Vote goes to Clay though, legit

  35. Paul Boyd Says:

    Take it easy on Colin. He was just being honest. Like Colin said methods are super hard to get legit and not too many pro wakeboarders do. If you put yourself out there in a “method off” then you have to be prepared to be criticised if its not 100% perfect. Both Alans and Conor’s were not legit methods. You dont get much better than Clays method BS 180, unless you are Chris O and tweak them off the double then go BS 180.

  36. wakerider Says:

    Paul, I would have to totally disagree with the fact that you say Alan’s method was not legit. No, it was not poked perpendicular to the boat/wakes, however, it WAS indeed at legit method. A method is not defined by how much tweaked toward the boat it is…

  37. ThackAttack Says:

    Yo Alan! well done man i got your back on this one.

  38. Alan Fletcher Says:

    Thanks thackattack.. Im not sure who you are (zach thurston?) but appreciate it!

  39. Methodology Says:

    Wakerider, Alans so called “Method” was more of a Melon grab. A method is not just a grab but a move. Part of the move is turning the board towards the the boat. Granted he did move it a touch towards the boat, I don’t think it’s enough to call it a legit method.


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