December 30th, 2011 by alliance

Sometimes you can’t pick just one. Our staff went back and forth between this two visual gems and each time we came to a deadlock. Both are great. Both have awesome riding, insane filming and editing, and great overall vibes that just make you want to get out and shred your face off. In the end, that is the bar all wake videos should be measured against: whether or not you want to get off your butt and shred your face off. Josh Robinson with In Transit and Tad Mathews with More Than Machines managed to do just that in two totally different and unique ways. Props to both of them for doing it on their own, making it happen, and bringing the industry way more stoke in the process.

In-Transit Trailer by Josh Robinson 

More Than Machines “Nick Taylor Part” by Tad Mathews 

7 Responses to “Alliance Full Video of the Year :: TIE :: In Transit & More Than Machines”

  1. yup Says:

    wait, but these were the only two full length films released this year..

  2. Chris O Says:

    There were a bunch of full length film released this year dude. CWB team video, the dudes form iwake did one. There were a bunch. Get your facts right before commenting you kook. Anyway you cant take anything away for these guys work and dedication and Radness!

  3. Dustin Schmidt Says:

    Where can I get a copy of In transit???

  4. Chris O Says:

    You can download it for $10 here
    Or you can hit your local shop up and if they don’t have it find Josh Robinson on facebook and ask him or you could hit Ronix up.

  5. Kingdumb Says:

    “Yup”… What video did you put out this year?

  6. Mike Says:

    It looks like in transit is mostly wakeboarding though?…

  7. yup Says:

    who would remember an iwake and cwb vid??


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