April 27th, 2012 by Patrick Wieland

The top 4 riders battle it or style it out in the final round of Alliance Less Than Five contest!

20 Responses to “Alliance Less Than Five: Finals”

  1. Jeremy Kovak Says:

    Is that Randy Harris? What on earth happened to him? He was such a nice young kid.

  2. jewknow Says:

    bob should have had it!

  3. shreddha Says:


  4. Jamie Daniel Segner Says:

    Jeremy Kovak strikes again haha

  5. GD Says:

    man, the vandall makes my knees hurt when i watch him ride. good job out there Bud!

  6. Josh Smith Says:

    He stayed true Kovak. That’s what the real deal looks like in Cali. Tadpole’s winding em.

  7. True G Says:

    Mut1ny is back!! wohoo watch out everyone ish is gonna crack off! nice work brotha

  8. notskiiin Says:

    skiers smoke pole!

  9. The Old Skool Says:

    @ Kovak – Randall Harris has finally recognized by many as the icon wakeboarding needed. I recognized this in the mid 90’s that his style and moves were well ahead of its time. Josh Smith the other originator is right. So what if he does’nt do air mobe fives? All the legitimate ppl of wakeboarding understand that super tech tricks or comin in first at every contest does not necessarily make you the best rider on earth. For someone who wants to be remembered as the “Wayne Gretzky” you talk a lot of shite. Randall is one of the most down to earth dudes you’l ever meet.

  10. Mitchell Reed Cobb Says:

    When did Waffle House pick him up???

  11. Mike Rogers Says:

    @Kovak – really? Go back under your rock!

  12. Elvigilante Says:

    Started wakeboarding in the 1997 watching guys like Ricky g & Randall. You know that old saying ” don’t judge a book by its cover” ? Damn skippy, style and grace that can’t be thought. Have the pleasure of knowing these guys personally and all the w$riders are very chill. True down to the bone. Yeah you got your good looks hippy surfer dudes but wake boarding isn’t some isolated fashion trend. Be who you want then get on that board and push out that style hopefully not on some boring wake to wake trick we’ve seen a 100 times

  13. john Says:

    Am I the only one who doesn’t think that Benny G is not that stylish?

  14. Tony Fin Says:

    His prime was on the Omega, and then he got Forced to ride a board that slowed him down and changed his style for the worse.

  15. Tony Fin Says:

    Don’t support the waterski monopoly, aka The HyperForce. Support real rider owned companies like Mutiny and Ronix. Its time to rotate in the right direction.

  16. backblind Says:

    Man bob soven was ridin way better than all of them … randal has no style…

  17. Grouch Says:

    Mutiny never left!!!

    Sick riding!!!

  18. Nelson Says:

    Backblind is blind, bob is still a baby when put next to The Vandall in terms of style. It takes years of practice to figure out how to your grab your board properly. Bob is on the right track but still has a lot of room for growth when it comes to style.

  19. bobbie valentino Says:

    bob killed that. steeze is in the eye of the beholder and this guy says bob merked that run. grabbin an pokin it all

  20. Mike Aubin Says:

    It’s nice to see some runs put down, without all the flair and gymnastics. All the flips and mobes have their place, but Randall’s run represents the roots of wake boarding and style. Big air and solid grabs. Give me a video segment like this full of expression and style, over a Pro Tour run any day…

    Smith and Finn are right on the money!


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