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Alright people you know how this works… The photo with the most votes by the end of this week takes home the grand prize from Vonzipper, the glory  and all the ladies that come with it. Vote now or forever hold your piece because we are crowning a champion this week. Leave a comment if you hate both of the photos or if you want to explain why someone should vote for your favorite photo. We are going to bring 2013 in with grand old internet battle fashion! Lets get it on!!!

Photo #1 Brandon Hesterman

Photo #2 Jeff Mathis

Which Photographer Deserves To Be Crown Champion?

  • Photo #1 Brandon Hesterman (52%, 1,115 Votes)
  • Photo #2 Jeff Mathis (48%, 1,043 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,158

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61 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle #3 FINALS! Hesterman vs Mathis”

  1. Brandon Hesterman Says:

    Hey Guys! Check out My photo. This was taken in the colorado River. I was standing waste deep in 15mph rushing water balancing on rocks. Camera up over my head, with flash in other hand. Not only does my photo show creativity, endurance, and perfect timing. It also shows the obvious difference between a photographer who knows what he is doing, and somebody just taking a photo that could be done with their iphone. This contest should be looked at as ” PUT YOURSELF IN THE PHOTOGRAPHERS SHOES!” Please vote for your favorite photo….Mine of course:) Thanks for everyones support! It means a lot!! Happy Holidays!:)

  2. Ryan Burgess Says:

    Love that you attempted to toot your own horn like a jackass! Your photo shows a shitty position and no creative skills except that your were to stupid to get in a position on the “rocks” where you could actually see the rider not the sun! Yea Jeff! Yea Quinn! Should have slipped on the rocks drowning your camera and sparing the world of your shitty photography!

  3. meh Says:

    the first photos still better

  4. Nick Murray Says:

    Woah Ryan, I dont believe that’s what these competitions are about. Instead of being so degrading and negative putting down Brandons photo, you could probably use that energy promoting Jeff’s photo instead. Comments like that make not only Jeff look bad, but also our sport.

    Great shots by both! Guess that’s why this is the finals! Nice job

  5. Justin Peterson Says:

    haha well put Ryan ! TEAM MATHIS 2012

  6. Ryan Burgess Says:

    I was putting down Brandon being a self centered jackass trying to toot his horn like a tugboat. Butttttt the photo is horrible!

  7. Some dude Says:

    You must live in hell if your subjection of horrible is that. Lighten up man

  8. Yo Says:

    Kill yourself Ryan u suck at life

  9. Nick Murray Says:

    I believe Brandon was just promoting the story of what he had to do in order to obtain the shot, which I think in a competition may steer some votes in his favor. I don’t see anything wrong with “tooting your own horn”. Again, in a competition, why wouldn’t you promote yourself? Wishing ill on someone, on the otherhand, seems a bit juvenile.

  10. Ryan Burgess Says:

    Nothing at all is wrong with it until you make yourself look like a jackass in the process. And you start bashing the other photo.

  11. OsteoJustin Says:

    Well Ryan, you have succeeded at doing both.

  12. Heidi Hashtag Says:

    Team Mathis all the wayyyy.

  13. Wesley Mark Jacobsen Says:

    I phone or not, I vote for shamoo! Shows creativity and the reason we all wakeboard! PURE FUN! Keep it up Valdosta Crew!!! Merry Christmas

  14. Marcy Says:

    People like you Ryan suck! Get a life

  15. Ryan Burgess Says:

    Haha sorry honesty sucks these days.

  16. cm Says:

    Brandon, did you just admit you sprayed and prayed this shot? that’s creativity ……

  17. yl Says:

    2nd photo doesnt make any sense tho . Theres a guy flying outta nowhere over an obstacle thats not being used, a shamooo thats not even a real whale, a stoked guy with the inflatable shammoo , the water could use direction of flow, the 1st photo is better. less details, everything is in the motion of the aesthetic flow in the first picture

  18. Nick Murray Says:

    I don’t think Brandon’s iphone comment was directed toward Jeff’s photo but that it had taken a lot of effort for him to take his photo. Promoting. Not self centered Jackass! I like Jeff’s photo but the attitude you have towards the comp. totally misrepresents the laid back and fun theme of this photo!

  19. Justin Peterson Says:

    the second photo makes sense ? there is a rail behind him … obviously he hit the rail and tail poked the whale after coming off the corrugated pipe…

  20. pope julian Says:

    yl sounds like he’s over looked the photo

  21. Dennis McCourt Says:

    This Ryan Burgess punk sounds like he is mad he has a small dick and does not know how to express it.

  22. Tyler Says:

    Ryan, this is a friendly competition to promote our sport. Use your negative energy somewhere else cause its not needed here. Vote as if you were the photographer. Perfect shots are hard to get especially Brandons I think. Good luck to the both of you. And ryan, you just suck as a person ha

  23. Bryan Crawford Says:

    I know Brandon personally and can say I’ve never heard him put down a single sole. He is definitely not referring to Jeff’s photo. Jeff’s photo is very professional as well. Brandon brings professionalism along with professional photo’s. He was only stating the amount of skill it takes to perfect the art of photography. Anybody can shoot a gun but only a pro can hit a dime from a hundred yards. Brandon hit the nail on the head as far as how the contest should be viewed and gets my vote. I congratulate Jeff for an amazing photo as well. Nice work!

  24. Deborah Says:

    Very radiant shot, Brandon! thanks for all of your professional contributions to my fine art exhibitions! your work is exceptional and full of universal energy! go 2013!!!

  25. Ryan Burgess Says:

    Omg ok ok ok I’ve seen the light…..literally! Blinded by the light revved up like a… Aww shit my bad I was singing my bad! Free shamoo 2013!

  26. Justin Peterson Says:

    lol ill never let shamoo go !

  27. Girl Says:

    TEAM JEFF!!!!!!!!!

  28. Woman Says:

    TEAM BRANDON!!!!!!!!

  29. Dude bro Says:

    Jeff’s the man. Free Willy.

  30. M Says:

    Team Brandon!!!

  31. Drew Says:

    Jeff Mathis has a dog named Gnarly.

  32. Zeezer Says:

    brandon’s shot looks over edited and the trick is even pressed… jeffs shot is probably not edited at all cuz he is having too much fun with his friends to care about the colors of the sun behind the riders butt

  33. DMX Says:

    jeffs shot looks janky and stanky!

  34. Yooo Says:

    From a professional photographer standpoint brandon’s is a bullseye shot a rather boring no no

  35. Sickkk Says:

    Both these photos suck really

  36. pablo Says:

    Everyone should stop knocking all the photo’s and go ride!!

  37. H Says:

    Both these photos are sick but Brandon’s is better!

  38. Leslie Says:

    I vote for Brandon Hesterman. Awesome picture!

  39. Pry Says:

    You people are clearly uneducated. In his first comment Brandon says that — yes this is a quote — “it also shows the obvious difference between a photographer who knows what he’s doing, and somebody just taking a photo that could be done with their iPhone.” Brandon made the first pugnacious remark, and his grammar tells me that he didn’t graduate the fifth grade. I can also take a picture staring into the sun and add some grayscale to it, but I don’t want to burn my retinas. Team Mathis all the way!

  40. Bob Says:


  41. Fonz Says:

    Yeah Brandon’s Grammar is one of a kind lol

  42. Fonz Says:

    Thats what makes him Badass!

  43. Michael C Watson Says:

    The pic with the whale looks like a candid shot by a very bad amateur with a good camera. It lacks composition as it is too cluttered, it also lacks balance. It’s a neat photo but not something deserving of a photographer’s challenge. Hesterman’s photo displays good framing, composition, and contrast and could be used in commercial applications. Hesterman shows promise as a professional.

  44. Mark Says:

    Great timing, Jeff.

  45. Joey Says:

    Pry also likes to gossip about other boys while sipping her caffé latte.. Jelly?

  46. Matthew Says:

    Clearly Brandon is being attacked because he’s seen as major competition. I look forward to seeing your photos in magazines! Good luck guys!

  47. Chelsea Says:

    Hahaha people are so butthurt cause Brandon said it like it is! People are HATERS! People wouldn’t hate him if he sucked tho hahah juuusssss saaayyyyiiinn! Good luck!

  48. Jeff Mathis Says:

    Well, after all the shit talk, it’s been one hell of a contest. Thanks everybody for all the love/help and for all the haters, your criticisms are appreciated as well. I sent in my shot (not photoshopped at all I might add) thinking they probably wouldn’t even run it so I’m happy it’s gotten this far. I don’t think the photos should be judged on who was shooting in worse conditions but rather the composition, flow, and a little thing called the rule of thirds. It’s all good though…I wakeboard, photograph, and shoot video for the fun of it and that’s what I thought these contests were about. As for looking forward to seeing shots in magazines, check the new Unleashed (#51)…..happy shredding!

  49. Justin Peterson Says:

    yeaaaahh jeff haha preach it bro !

  51. Kyle M Says:

    haha get em Jeff

  52. Ash Says:

    If we’re talking straight professional competition, I’d have to go with Brandon’s photo. Clearly the means by which he took the photo couldn’t have been easy, and the timing of getting the rider right in front of the sun had to be perfect. The other photo is “fun” but is under par with a professional competition, crowded, and doesn’t contain the same energy of the sport like the first photo. I don’t think I’d put the Shamu picture in a frame on my living room wall. Jeff, that’s awesome you didn’t expect it to get this far. I’m sure it feels great to have your photo up here. Good luck to both.

  53. Atlanta connection Says:

    Well said Jeff!

  54. slalom Says:

    great photos guys. both show how awesome the sport is (second to slalom skiing of course). great timing in both photos. I do prefer the photo of Shamu with the nose just touched by the back edge of the board. Almost like it’s pimping Slingshot. The dude holding Shamu isn’t even looking at the boarder. The facial expressions of both the boarder and the Shamu dude are also pretty cool. If wakeboarding can be that much fun, I might skip a slalom set and give it a try.

  55. mitchell Says:

    Jeff i respect that you took this photo for fun and didn’t expect anything out of it, but that’s exactly what it is. I mean rule of thirds?! Haha you got to be kidding. Got back to photo class man. Your photo is unbalanced, the rule of thirds hardly applies in the photo, there’s way to much negative space and it’s taken at a poor angle. Your photo is fun, but it’s definitely no photo contest winner.

  56. Happy Days Says:

    Jeff’s photo has too much noise ! no symmetry, direction, should have used better composition with natural elements, could of been way better!

  57. Pam Says:

    Ryan, Why so much hate and name calling? You don’t even know Brandon do you? You called him a “jackass, stupid, uncreative, self centered, and a shitty photographer.” You also said, “He should have slipped on the rocks drowning his camera. You know that Negative Energy will find it’s way back to you. NEGATIVE ATTRACTS NEGATIVE. And as far as tooting his own horn, I know Brandon, and he was just letting people kow that he put a lot of thought and effort into getting that shot. Just seems like he wanted people to know that he was taking this competition seriously and he didn’t want his photo to look like one taken with a cell phone. I mean lets face it, how many thousands of bad photos hit the web every year that are taken with a cell . Everybody that meets Brandon wants to be his friend. He is a totally awesome guy, and didn’t deserve the crap you said about him. Maybe you should get to know him, seems like you could use a good example to follow. Why can’t we all just get along and have fun.

  58. Ryan Burgess Says:

    Fine and dandy if you know him. He still came off as a self centered jackass and I’m sticking to my opinion.

  59. jakeskate Says:

    Brandon was my best man at my wedding. He’s one of the best people I’ve ever known. I’m not far from Georgia and you have some shit to say about his character without knowing him personally, trust that I will find you.. he deserves a win. We love you brando!!!

  60. Ryan Burgess Says:

    Says the big man without his name!

  61. Hahaha Says:

    “He still came off as a self centered jackass and I’m sticking to my opinion.”

    Funny, that’s what we’re all thinking about you, Ryan.

    Votes up, pal. Brandon is the man. Hope you’re not too hung over.


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