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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and bloggers, commenters and trollers… welcome to the third Alliance Photo Battle. Here before your e-viewing eyeballs are the first two competitors in this digital gauntlet, both hoping to continue on for a shot at the grand prize from VonZipper. In case you need a refresher, here’s how things are going to work.

- Two photos battle each week.

- Online viewers vote for the picture they think is best.

- Winning photo from each battle will be automatically entered into the final tournament.

- Losing photo will be forced to suffer in e-purgatory.

Start your MyBook/FaceSpace engines, ’cause the battling begins NOW!

This week we bring you round 2 of the 3rd Alliance Photo Battle. You make the choice of who captured the moment better. Leave a comment if you like the photos or if you think you could do better….

Photo #1 by RJ Flake

Photo #2 by Christy Blum

Which Photographer Deserves Moves on?

  • Photo #1 by RJ Flake (60%, 484 Votes)
  • Photo #2 by Christy Blum (40%, 319 Votes)

Total Voters: 803

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Grand Prize provided by VonZipper

30 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle #3 Round 2 by VonZipper: Flake vs Blum”

  1. hmm Says:

    Second is by far better, but RJ’s social media campaigning seems to be working very effectively.

  2. machete Says:


  3. Nice Says:

    Photo #2 is clearly superior.

  4. lukey Says:

    Christy all the wayy

  5. duhh Says:

    anyone can trail a boat and snap a quick picture… why is this even a contest? christy for sureee

  6. duhhh Says:

    yeah RJ takes the lead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Chris B Says:

    RJ’s Photo is pretty dope

  8. riderDie Says:

    anyone can just sit on a dock at a cable park and snap a quick picture.

  9. bREeZeNuTs Says:

    LoVInG ThE FIrSt PhOTo 4SuRE!!!! KeEP uP tHE GOoD WorK RJ!!!!!!!

  10. LA Goonie Says:

    I like the look on the riders face in the fist photo. The second one I cant see his face.

  11. JennBoarder Says:

    YEAH RJ FROM WAKESPORTS!!!!! Love that guy he always hooks it up at the shop!!! Good luck RJ but it looks like you dont need it. And Congrats on getting married this weekend!!

  12. OrlandoSoupRider Says:

    RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ!

  13. Goonies Never Say Die!! Says:

    duhh is just a hater, duhh have you ever taken a photo from a moving boat or jet-ski? I don’t think so

  14. The True White North Says:

    Anyone can post up and take a shot at a cable park… but magic happens when you do chase… Talking with your driver for right distance and angel to get the shot isn’t that easy. Not only that keeping your camera steady is not simple cause ur crap is on the move…This RJ is starting to really make magic happen behind his lens would not be surprised if we start seeing more shots from him in da mags … ya know wata mean!

  15. der Says:

    christys photo is ovbiously better, no question christy all the way

  16. Christy Says:

    rj’s photo is obviously better, no question RJ all the way

  17. duhh Says:

    it looks like u drove by, snapped a shot, and then cropped it. thats all haha not too difficult. at least christy’s picture looks cool

  18. .....really? Says:

    props to Christy for such a sick picture! not really sure what the other one is doing in here… hopefully Alliance makes an executive decision and puts Christy through, cuz it looks like RJ had his goonies help him out on this one. midwest wakeboarding all the way!

  19. midwest! Says:

    midwest representin! to bad some one with more facebook friends is gonna take the W away from blum.

  20. midwestPoundslider Says:

    MidwestRider voting for RJ. and duhh seems like he/she has no i idea about photography. Calling it a drive by shot lol, you’re such a dummy. You should just stick to rollerblading!

  21. Nikki Says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha duhh stick to rollerblading!!!!!!!

  22. Nikki Says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha duhh stick to rollerblading! midwestPoundSlider you just made my day. Voting for RJ!!!!

  23. LoneStarRider Says:

    duhh what kinda of camera do you shoot with? I bet its an iphone lol.

  24. epic hahaha Says:

    wow cool shot RJ and Christy but my vote went to RJ. I know how it is shooting from a moving boat/jet-ski. its not simple duhh.

  25. angry ginger Says:

    They both suck!!! i can do so much better!!! fruitbooters!!! Lets see more wakeskating!!!! canada representing!!!!

  26. nice Says:

    guys shes a teenage girl. you people dont have to be dicks about it. her picture was sick and so is RJ’s but stop it with all the comments

  27. christy Says:

    hi guys

  28. R.J. Flake Says:

    Christy amazing shot!

    Thanks for the love guys and gals.
    and to the haters, well. Have fun on the Internet.

  29. Steven Says:

    Both photos could have been done better, but at least Christy’s is in focus and framed well.

    On RJ’s shot, the shutter speed isn’t fast enough to capture the action without blurring too much. A narrower aperture would have helped blur out the background more than the rider as well which would have made for a much less distracting background. Getting the water into the shot so you could see how high he is getting would have been great too.

    On Christy’s, the problem is there isn’t any contrasting element in the frame. The setting sun would have made an incredible addition to this shot in my opinion. The angle more than likely kept that from happening here so some strobes to light up the kicker/rider would have really worked to add some drama. I like the idea behind this photo and it shows talent- it just needs some flair to make it really stand out.

    I would like to see some more from this girl in the future!

  30. christy blum Says:

    Thanks R.J. Right back at you! Thanks for the advice everybody including Steven. Solid points. I’m just thankful that I even got a picture up on Alliance


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