December 3rd, 2012 by alliance

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and bloggers, commenters and trollers… welcome to the third Alliance Photo Battle. Here before your e-viewing eyeballs are the first two competitors in this digital gauntlet, both hoping to continue on for a shot at the grand prize from VonZipper. In case you need a refresher, here’s how things are going to work.

– Two photos battle each week.

– Online viewers vote for the picture they think is best.

– Winning photo from each battle will be automatically entered into the final tournament.

– Losing photo will be forced to suffer in e-purgatory.

Start your MyBook/FaceSpace engines, ’cause the battling begins NOW!

This week we bring you Semi Finals of the 3rd Alliance Photo Battle. You make the choice of who captured the moment better. Leave a comment if you like the photos or if you think you could do better

Photo #1 by RJ Flake

Photo #2 Jeff Mathis

Which Photographer Deserves To Move On?

  • Photo #2 by JEFF MATHIS (55%, 485 Votes)
  • Photo #1 by RJ FLAKE (45%, 399 Votes)

Total Voters: 884

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Grand Prize provided by VonZipper

48 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle #3 Semi Finals: Flake vs Mathis”

  1. Jamie Graff Says:

    how do i submit a photo to battle?

  2. dood. Says:

    yeah quinn

  3. justin Says:

    killin it jefferson!!

  4. machete Says:

    YEHHHH RJ you are still in it!!!!

  5. bREzZY WaKEgIrL Says:


  6. midwest wakeskate Says:

    C-BAD!!!!!! Pull a win RJ!!!!

  7. Goonies never say die!!! Says:

    RJ! RJ! RJ! RJ! You can do it!!!

  8. jake Says:

    RJ’s photo is way better!!! Was the other photo taken with a disposable camera?

  9. cristy Says:

    i am vote 86 for RJ. He is so dreamy!!!!!

  10. RONIX Says:

    RJ for the WIN!!!

  11. Jerry skater Says:

    voted for RJ!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. wakeskate girls Says:

    RJ is so hot!!! His new wife is so lucky!!!! Vote for RJ!!!

  13. LONGBEACH Says:

    O SH*# The gap is closing!!!!!! Go RJ!!!

  14. Marco Says:

    Looks like RJ flaked out and ate it. Vote for willy jumper

  15. MARCO IS A HATER ^^^^ Says:

    Marco that doesn’t even make sense. You must have road the short bus to school, wearing a helmet. Haters are going to Hate

  16. Jacob Says:

    Marco is just one of those fruitbooters that hasn’t came out of the closet yet.

  17. Chris wakeskater Says:

    Yeah what do you me by ate it? MARCO!? RJ is not the rider dummy. And how did RJ flake out? VOTE RJ!!!!!!!!!

  18. matt Says:

    damn RJ coming up and taken the lead!!! VOTE RJ!!!!!!!

  19. GOONIE23 Says:


  20. WestCoast Rider Says:

    RJ keep up the great work man!!! Haters are going to hate! Get a life marco


    RJ for the win! The other photo’s lighting is so dark, maybe if he adjusted the levels in photoshop it would look a lot better. Keep up the good work RJ.

  22. justin Says:

    that first photo sucks … theres nothing pleasing about it at all and the grab doesnt even look clean and confident. im sorry but theres no possible way people think photo one’s content is better than photo two. way more thought and planning went into number two obviously

  24. Stewart Says:

    @slingshot rider: There is no way that photo1 has better lighting than photo2. Its from a shitty angle, and the depth of field is just shallow enough to make the background blurry without making it look good.


    @Stewart what lighting are you talking about in photo 2, there is none!!! look at all the dark shadows! Come on it would of only took 20 sec to fix the levels in photoshop and color correct it. The 2nd photo looks like it was taken with an iphone or a disposable camera.

  26. Ron waterboarder Says:

    @Justin you are an idiot!!!! yeah a lot of planing on holding up an inflatable lol, that so dangerous hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. you are a fruitbooter not a photographer, talk about what you know. if there was any real planing of photo 2 the lighting would not be so bad and it would be at a better angle. In reality for almost all fruitbooting photos there is never really any planing anyways they just shoot a ton of photos and hope to get a good one.

  27. justin Says:

    @ron Waterboarder actually there was im the one holding the whale we spend and entire day building and shooting for a movie and had many other photos to pick from. this one was just funny and out of the norm unlike photo one … it doesnt take a moron to shoot a picture from a chase boat bit deal get over yourself dude fruitbooter or not we are all apart of the wake community get off your high horse

  28. Ron waterboarder Says:

    @justin awwww what a tough day for you holding air awwww thats so cute. you are calling the other photographer a moron, sucks and you are telling me to get off my high horse. If you where really about the wake community you would of not wrote a hatefull comment like a lil punk that you are!

  29. justin Says:

    @Ron Waterboarder, sorry man you are right its just i am fighting to come out of the closet and i just dont know how. And i really wish i could wake skate! I am not really in a happy place right now so i took it out on the other photographer.

  30. Ron waterboarder Says:

    @justin i hear yeah man. you just got to do it one boot at a time. I am sure you can do it! You got to at least try. Keep your head up!

  31. justin Says:

    bahahah got to admit thats pretty funny dude

  32. Meg Says:

    @justin Don’t Worry Be Happy. No need to be hating. Wakebaording doesn’t need hate justin, we can all get along. Cheer up buddy and keep riding! No need to refer to people as morons or that what they do sucks. I have meet RJ befor at his shop, he seemed to be a very nice guy and looked liked he know a ton about the sport and really cares about it. So don’t be so negative justin. I am pretty sure if you walked into RJ’s shop he would welcome you with open arms and give you a killer deal.
    When is there going to be a female rider in one of these battles :), just saying.

  33. justin Says:

    im not hating and i apologize i didnt mean it in any negative way sorry everyone

  34. snoopy Says:

    Is it the same rider in both photos?

  35. dirtysouthRider Says:

    yeahh Carlsbad Lagoon! that place is rad and the people that work there are awesome! They let me play buck hunter all night! One of my favorite spots to visit when i come out to cali and ride. Go RJ!!!

  36. Sophia Says:

    What a great battle going on between these photos!!!!!! But i am going with RJ!!!!

  37. Alexander Says:

    Haters are going to hate! RJ!!!!

  38. katt williams Says:

    “so what she/he keeps talking about you and hating on you. What do you think a “hater’s” job hate. if u have someone hating on u right now u better think of how to get 5 more ppl hating by Christmas. You need haters to make you stronger..w/o haters most ppl wouldn’t try to become better. Just tell them “b*tch u just hate me b/c u can’t be me…”

  39. Jayden Says:

    cool photos, going with RJ

  40. Mason Says:

    @Stewart suck it easy man

  41. Ben Says:

    Go Rj! Go RJ Go Rj GO GO (vanilla ice voice)

  42. GO PRO Says:

    Here at the go pro warehouse we are voting for RJ

  43. Shamuuuuuu Says:

    this is a no brainer…. the boat photo is lame! Shamu FTW!!!

  44. just vote Says:

    What’s with all the trash talk , Do pro shooters for sports really setup shots at games , No , the better ones just know the game better and take less pic , and why do ALL pro cameras shot at 10frs or over?

    RJ all the way from just vote!

  45. Machete Says:

    Yeah @just vote!! That’s the truth!!! RJ all the way!!

  46. Cmoore Says:

    You guys are all ridiculous. Aren’t these contests supposed to be fun? The wake community is great at taking the fun out of any competition. Neither pic has good enough lighting to make an argument based on lighting alone. Yay lets all vote for the grab pic shot from behind the boat, such a creative angle, never seen that before!! These contests are hardly about the photos anyways, its always been who can unite the most friends on facebook to vote for a pic they never think about again. Vote for Mathis if you still have fun wakeboarding and like doing things a little different. And go shred at while your at it. Quinn and Jeff will do you just as good at their cable compound as RJ will at his little “shop”.

  47. Riggs Says:

    No clue why you would vote the RJ photo I mean anyone can take that photo Jeff’s has life and a whale everyone likes a whale

  48. Sawyer Davis Says:

    cmoore- lol. i hear that..unless you are shooting from a freakin a heli… boat shots = zero. maybe less that zero.


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