April 19th, 2010 by alliancewakeskate

Day vs Night. Slide vs Air. But the shot’s this week have one thing in common: it’s an all-out winch off. Winch shots can provide a lot more interest then just the rider and the wake, but it’s up to you to decide which photographer took advantage of their unique set up better.
Photo 1 By Sam Lutz

Photo 2 by Chris Moore

Which shot makes winching look better?

  • Chris Moore's (90%, 296 Votes)
  • Sam Lutz's (10%, 34 Votes)

Total Voters: 330

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10 Responses to “Alliance Photo Battle: April 19, 2010”

  1. mobydick! Says:

    damnnnnnnnn sick correx set up!!!!!!!

  2. Perez Says:

    Chris Moore your photo is sick nasty!!.. ATL

  3. Reeder Says:

    Chis’s shot is tight!! whos the rider?

  4. CMoore Says:

    Rider is Quinn SIlvernale

  5. chch Says:

    photo 2 is the dopest dope EVER!!!!!!!!!

  6. Zmanfeely Says:

    that photo with quinn silvernale is # 1 in history of winching. keeep on grinin you the mannn!

  7. Brett Says:

    only bad part of photo 2 is the shadow on the bottom left, still better then photo 1 tho, sorry sam =/

  8. barret Says:

    damn right Quinn!

  10. Robyn Valdez Says:

    Sweet shot Chris!! Niiice Quinn!!!


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